Oreo update for Moto g4 Plus phone

Just wanted to say I finally received the Oreo update for my Moto g4 Plus this evening. Went smoothly and phone seems fine so far. So yea!


Hi @ohplus,

It’s great to hear from you! Have you found anything specific about Oreo that you don’t know how you lived without?


Not really. Things seem a little snappier. It’s always a matter of relearning where things are again. One negative is that the volume is not as loud on videos and phone calls which is a bummer. I’m glad I finally got it, though!:frog:


I got the update as well. I like that you can put a message on the lock screen (If found, please call…) and that you can have more icons (tho a bit smaller) on the home screen. Nice!


My G4 Plus recently died a horrible death & I just (8/14/2019) got a replacement G4 Plus. The old one was Nougat & the replacement has Oreo 8.1 installed. I got to thinking (I know; dangerous) & wondered what my wife’s G4 Plus had; Nougat 7.0 & System Updates says “Your (actually her) device’s software is up to date.” The March 20, 2018 rollout was long long ago; why isn’t it available on her phone?

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