Oreo Upgrade Installing Now on Moto X4


As the title says it is downloading. Fingers crossed!!!


What features are you most looking forward to @iglenday?


It is done. Now to find out what it does! Where is RW info on this upgrade?


I’m not sure what you’re asking…

We don’t publish any sort of documentation on Android updates because we are not involved in the process.


Where do I find what the ugrade features are? Otherwise I cannot answer your question. Thanks!!!


I thought from your excitement about installing it that you were eagerly anticipating some new feature.

Maybe start here?


Thanks!!! I have been waiting for the upgrade from Motorola and am looking forward to reading about it now.


I like that it knows when I’m looking at the screen and when I’m not. Cool feature.


if i just ordered the Moto X4, will it come with this Android 8.0 Oreo ? Thanks


Hi @austinp.ql7jir,

Since we try to minimize our contact with our brand-new phones, no. Your phone will come in the state that the manufacturer shipped it. During the set-up process, it will prompt you to download any recent updates.

Edited to add: I hope you’ll let us know what you think of the X4! What kind of phone do you have now?


I have the Moto X first generation. Love this phone, but have noticed that i will only charge to 48 %. I have had it for years, and its been a great phone, and must say RW has been great. Turned a lot of people on to RW. So, i hope that Oreo will be one of those updates. I will let you know how it is going with the X4. My Moto X first generation has gone around the world 3 times with me. My Moto X 1st Gen has seen a lot of countries… i am a bit sad, and going to miss her.


Wow! Three times around the world! You must have a fascinating life!

Thank you!! That means so much to us, that you’d not only be a long-time member, but are sharing the news about us to others.

Here’s hoping you’ll have many excellent adventures with the X4!


I, too, just upgraded to the X4 from the Moto X 1st Gen. Love that phone. I tell people it was perhaps the only cellphone made in the US. Neither here nor there, but a cool fact.

Didn’t know Nougat all that well, only having the X4 for less than a week, but I did notice after the Oreo update last night that it takes up 12GB instead of 13.10GB of Nougat. Cutting down on limiting background activity in unused apps could be why I had maybe 10% more battery tonight. At this rate, I could go 2 days on a charge now where I just barely made it through the day with the Moto X1.

I paid $300 for the Moto X1 in Nov 2013, and now $350 for the X4 and I am quite happy. The camera does circles around the old one, with all the settings and options, though that was never a deal breaker for me. I use a camera for taking nice photographs.

The word is in: it actually SOUNDS better as a phone, on an actual phone call :wink:, according to my BF. It’s not so much more phone that I can’t still keep it in my pocket at work, or in a regular pocket of my purse. Size and weight are perfect. As cool as the Moto Z phones are, that was a deal breaker for me.

And of course the reasonable rates and helpfulness of RW. YES!


Thank you @rosedoodle! We’re so glad to read that you’re enjoying the new phone and the Oreo update! You’ve given a lot of good information here for those like @austinp.ql7jir who are upgrading, or thinking about upgrading.


Thank you so much rosedoodle for this information. I hear the UPS tuck moving around the neighborhood, think my Moto X4 is aboard. Can’t wait.


While searching for more instructional info on Oreo I found this video. It confirms why my X4 phone seems like a brand new device with some refined features. I like the update thus far with no difficulties noticed. Vast improvement over my first gen Moto X!


Nice video! One could spend weeks checking out
all the possibilities!