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I’m sorry to say that I haven’t found the forum very helpful. I’m saving up questions to call and ask. Every search I made gave me answers for other devices. If the forum was organized by device, one could go to the device section and go from there without wasting time looking at answers for other devices.

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While there are many ways to organize a forum, I don’t believe by device would work here as most questions and answers apply to multiple or all devices and are service or offering related, rather than device related.

That being said, how can we help?


Hi @mwc,

People do process information differently, and I’m sorry to see that the way we have organized this Community has so stymied you that you are not even comfortable asking us questions.

I have a similar problem when I work jigsaw puzzles with other people. It seems that everyone else I know organizes the pieces by color, which is totally useless to me; I organize them by shape. I also am very reliant on location clues, and will remember exactly where a specific piece is waiting when I need it. If I’m working a puzzle with someone who does not use location clues at all, and they put pieces they’ve tried back any-old-where, then I’m totally lost when I realize I need a certain puzzle piece, reach for it, and it’s not where I left it.

So I’ve learned over time I can either do jigsaw puzzles alone (which leaves me snarling at family members to go away) or I can spend time with the people who are dear to me and work a puzzle in a way that might not be my preferred way of doing things. In the end, the puzzle gets done, but it’s a better experience if I’ve spent my time with others.

Likewise, since we can’t organize the Community ideally for everyone, and we’ve missed the mark for you, please don’t think that means you can’t have the help you need. Just ask your questions, and people are here who will try to help.

Sometimes the answers fit multiple devices, even if they were originally answered for a specific one. If you’re using our help center, we try to be very clear which device the answer was written for, but we’ll add other devices to the articles as they are proven to work for them, too. This approach allows our support team to write and publish help articles quickly without having to spend half a day testing every phone we support, every time a set of instructions needs to be written.

Wow, that analogy was poetic, well done!..(although Sheldon would say to " Start with the corners). :slightly_smiling_face:

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