Orion WiFi connection feedback: RW app version 3.29

Hi @orionwifi Beta members,

We’re currently :crossed_fingers: targeting Monday 3/8/21 to begin releasing the new version of the Republic app that includes a fix for the connectivity issues mentioned by @Paradox5280 and @WIFI-4ALL in our app version 3.28 Orion Feedback topic, so if you signed up for early access to the app update, start looking for it on Monday!

Once your Republic app has updated to version 3.29, we hope you’ll take a fresh look at the coverage map and, if you have an opportunity to visit an Orion WiFi site, please provide your feedback on the experience.

  1. Did your phone automatically connect?
  2. What kinds of WiFi use did you try while connected? Browsing, apps, streaming, calling, texting?
  3. Were text messages sent and delivered in a timely fashion?
  4. How was call quality over WiFi?
  5. Was call quality maintained as you moved about the location?

Useful links, available only to the @orionwifi Early Adopters:

Link to the personal group message with the Coverage map: https://forums.republicwireless.com/t/orion-wifi-locations/34488

Link to the personal group message with the invitation to join the RW app beta to get the new version sooner: https://forums.republicwireless.com/t/get-republic-app-updates-sooner-by-joining-the-republic-app-beta/35719


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Still no locations near me, but because I have been vaccinated, I had a chance yesterday to be close to a mall location for a quick detour to test. My phone tried numerous times to automatically connect to the Republic Wireless wifi, but failed. Tried turning wifi off and on and even restarting my phone. No luck on connecting. Did not try to connect to any other wifi at that location.

Hi @SusanMH,

Thanks for making that detour. I see that your RW app is currently updated to Do you happen to know when it updated?

March 16

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Having battery drain on pixel 4xl after update. Slower charging from the wireless charging pad also.

Thanks @JCHanania,

Are the battery usage details indicating the Republic app is using a lot of power?

Oddly it’s not showing any specific usage.

Hi @JCHanania,

I see an icon for AVG on the top of your screenshot.
You might try disabling it (as a test) to see if it is sipping a little too much from your battery. :thinking:


Roger that :relaxed:
I’ll give it a try.

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