Orion WiFi connection feedback

Here are some feedback questions for those @orionwifi Beta participants who get a chance to visit one of the locations. Your own thoughts beyond the answers to this questions are welcome, as well!

  1. Did your phone automatically connect?
  2. What kinds of WiFi use did you try while connected? Browsing, apps, streaming, calling, texting?
  3. Were text messages sent and delivered in a timely fashion?
  4. How was call quality over WiFi?
  5. Was call quality maintained as you moved about the location?

Got some answers from MN:

  1. It automatically connected and displayed the SSID as “Republic Wireless”
  2. Used both interweb and streaming downloads for about 10 minutes.
  3. Unknown about texts, will try again next time.
  4. Call quality was that of a fast internet connection, so good. No breakups.
  5. Remained in the space outside the venue, so I had no issues moving around the perimeter and staying connected.
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Thanks @jskeate! This is great!

If you look back now at your list of saved WiFi networks, do you see one labeled “Republic Wireless”? This is what we expect to see saved:

And (for others who have asked about how they’d know they’re on an Orion WiFi network), while connected, this is the type of information we’d expect to see:

The “Connected via Republic Wireless” note is the indicator that you’re using this feature.

Seems like a small :gift: is in order for being the first to connect and report back! Please let me know your choice of a $10 gift card from one of the vendors listed below, a case for your phone from the options listed, or a Republic Wireless T-shirt. :shirt:
(Note: “all of the above” is not an option :imp:).

$10 gift card options:

  • Starbucks gift card
  • Amazon gift card
  • Google Play Store gift card

Phone case options:

Brand Model Color Details
UAG Scout Black
Speck Presidio Lite Black
Incipio NGP Pure Black 5-foot drop protection
Gear4 Wembley Gray 10 foot drop protection

I traveled today to a local gym that was listed as having Orion to see if my phone would connect to Orion. I wasn’t a member so I couldn’t go in (no key fob) but walked around the outside of the building to see if Orion would connect. I got a message that I could connect to local broadband company but no auto connect to Orion.

Is that perhaps because the local broadband WiFi was stronger than the Orion WiFi hotspot? Does the Orion software on the phone periodically scan for an Orion network to connect to regardless of which WiFi hotspot is stronger?

Most excellent! I would love to grab an amazon GC.

Here’s what I see under the saved networks (currently out of range):

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This is a great question!

If you’re in the presence of both a network you’ve manually added before (like one of the local broadband networks) and an Orion WiFi network, that manually added network will connect rather than the Orion WiFi network.

I did visit a site (I think! definitely one of the correct dots on the map).

Did your phone automatically connect?

I’m not sure. I looked for an indication that it was on wifi at various points around the building, but never saw one. (I might just be totally clueless here, but I do get on free wifi constantly elsewhere in the city, so I think it just wasn’t connected, despite my being in a location…)

What kinds of WiFi use did you try while connected? Browsing, apps, streaming, calling, texting?

(I’m usually browsing and gchatting.)

Were text messages sent and delivered in a timely fashion?
How was call quality over WiFi?
Was call quality maintained as you moved about the location?

Today I will be passing through my first location with Orion. In the past I’ve needed to manually log into the wi-fi system at this location so it’ll be interesting to see if Orion is capable of getting my logged in without any activity on my part.

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What happens in this case if the manually added network requires a web page login? Will orion take over and login to its network or wait until the manually entered network is disconnected or forgotten?

I went to a local shopping center that has Orion and my phone recognized/saw 2 networks (one called Republic Wireless and the other called Orion) and automatically tried to connect to them over and over, but never successfully did. My phone seemingly stayed on cell data the whole time.

Which phone, what level of OS is it on, and is the Republic App at

Hi @jben,

All of our Beta testers have the appropriate level OS and RW app.


Did you have a report from your first visit to an Orion location?

Actually, yes. My Moto G7 logged into a national mobile service almost immediately upon entering the facility. The connection was lost after a short period of time, but reestablished itself right away. It’s the only location I’ve been in so far, but Orion did exactly what I was told to expect.


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