Orion WiFi testers: Quick request to restart your phone

Hi @orionwifi Beta testers,

Thanks to the early reports of a few testers who visited sites and did not see connection success, the Orion team was able to determine that the feature had been disabled on some phones.

Our engineers have reset the feature for everyone, and to be sure your phone receives that reset, please take a moment to reboot your phone while you are in a location with a good data connection (wifi or cell).

Additionally, please know that his feature will be disabled during this early testing stage by the following actions:

  • Replacing your phone
  • Removing the SIM card
  • Uninstalling the Republic app
  • Refreshing the Republic activation with the *#*#8647#*#* dialer command

If you need to take any of the above actions, please let me know so we can have the feature re-enabled for your phone.

For those of you who are traveling this Thanksgiving, we look forward to any reports of Orion WiFi experiences you may have. Please stay safe.



Also, it doesn’t look to me like any locations have been added to the map since we were first provided with the link. Is that in fact the case? Are there still only a few locations for which this is enabled?

Hi @andreas,

Nothing has changed as far as what we have been told by the Orion Team about the map - that is is dynamic and is being updated and that new sites are being added at a respectable clip.

If at all possible, perhaps @orionwifiteam could address this question?

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I am not seeing any updates of the map. (Are others?)

Hi @andreas,

I’m not doubting that you’re not seeing updates. I was simply trying to explain that we’ve not had any new news to indicate that the map is stale or that the addition of new sites has halted. That’s why I pinged the Orion team to see if they can chime in here for more clarity. Republic Wireless does not maintain the map.

Oh, I know!

I was just not ruling out the possibility that I could be seeing something different (e.g., using an outdated link or the like).

Did you try Control F5 to ensure that all elements of the page are being refreshed and not using a cached image?

Would it be possible to get a notification sent whenever the map is updated? I am getting tired of checking and not seeing anything change. Or at least nothing obvious changing.

It’s definitely not a cached image (refreshing makes no difference)… :wink:


Southpaw,. I replaced my sim card to get cdma. Please reset for me.


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Thanks for letting me know, @josiebelle, I will put you on the list and it will probably be early next week before we can get that reset done. (It requires an engineer.)

Hello Andreas,

We’ve added ~50 locations over the last 30 days including retail centers across 10 states. You can see the expansion of locations on the left hand side menu of the map. Please continue checking back to see if any locations have been added in your vicinity.

Thanks for your interest!



I recently upgraded my phone to the Pixel 5. Was wondering if you could have them push the beta to that device.

Hi Southpaw,

I had to have my Pixel 4 replaced under warranty due to a motherboard failure. Can you please have the beta pushed to my new device? Thank you!


Hi @Valis and @rsioss,

Sorry for the delay in responding to you! I will get those two requests to engineering this week.

No problem – thanks for your help!

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@rsioss and @Valis, the feature has been enabled for your new phones. Please reboot the phones at your convenience and you’ll be back in (beta) business.

Awesome, thank you!!

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