Orion WiFi Webinar Invitation and feedback

Hi @orionwifi Beta participants.

Here are the details for our webinar with the Google Area 120 Orion WiFi team:

Event: Orion Wifi & Republic Wireless

Event address for attendees: Event link
Attendee Password = Orion2020

Date and time:

  • Tuesday, November 3, 2020 2:30 pm EST (New York, GMT-05:00)
  • Tuesday, November 3, 2020 1:30 pm CST (Chicago, GMT-06:00)
  • Tuesday, November 3, 2020 11:30 am PST (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)

Duration: 30 Minutes
Event number: 133 390 0234
Event password: Orion2020

Not available at the given time? We’ll do our best to record the webinar and share it for your review at your convenience.

Not yet a Beta participant, but interested in the Orion WiFi project? You’re welcome to join this webinar as well.


I will do my best to make it, I put it in my calendar!

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Please record…I’m working at the polls!


Hi Southpaw,
What app should I use? Also what user id should I use? I use my user id to login to my account.

Thank you,

Les have a great Halloween day

Hi @lesc,

This is a Webex event. Instructions to join a Webex event are here:

Perhaps someone in our Community who has participating in a Webex event recently can provide additional details if you have specific questions, or you can wait and watch the recording if you are unable to join.

That is election day and I am helping out at a voting location, so I will look forward to watching a recording at a later time.


Thank you for the information and your quick response.


Thank you very much for being an important part of this process.
Stay safe :mask:
For all the rest of us … VOTE … It’s important to all of us



I too am working at the polls (5a to 9p, going to be a long day). Hopefully I’ll be able to review a recording.


Was late to the meeting (work) and apparently missed it. Look forward to any videos posted.

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Sorry you missed it @Bjblack1! I am looking forward to sharing the recording privately with our Beta participants once it is available.

If anyone has questions or comments about the webinar please let us know!

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Unfortunately, I had no audio after signing in to the webinar but I could see the participants. I’m using a Chromebook. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Just watched the webinar, interesting. I have not accessed any Orion WiFi sites yet that I’m aware of, so no impact to me. Good Luck!

Listen to webex meeting still waiting for orion wifi location near. Comcast has slot of hotspots. It would niece if orion could tap into these hotspots

Yes, Comcast has a lot of ‘hotspots’, brought to you by using the router that Comcast customers are renting from them. Then they ‘rent out’ time on your router, you can, of course, opt-out
afik … The WiFi that meets the requirements of Orion, are using Enterprise-grade Routers or Access Point and not the consumer-grade ones that most of us utilize. This is to provide the enhanced ability to provide seamless sign-on and security beyond the home routers capabilities.

I would offer the following: 1) Comcast has no interest in participating as their network of wifi hotspots is a selling feature for their service.

  1. My experience is that these hotspots are not only not enterprise grade, they’re not consumer grade, or 1200 baud dial-up model grade.

  2. I believe the goal for Orion is commercial locations and not a bazillion random access points in neighborhoods, making this network a bad fit.

Just listened to the Webinar and if I understood it correctly, your manual WiFi pick would take preference over the Orion WiFi. Because my previous WiFi picks are remembered and will automatically connect, does that mean I would have to forget those for Orion to connect? Of course chances are most of my remembered picks (ie Starbucks) would not have Orion.

Yes, if you want to see it in action and are going to a location with both Orion WiFi and a remembered network, you’d have to “forget” the network in order to try out connecting to Orion WiFi.

Do you perhaps know if this selection process would allow the strongest signal that supports full Republic Wireless access (Call, SMS & MMS over WiFi) to win out?

It does not analyze the Republic connectivity state. It’s an Android process outside of our app.

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