OrionWiFi Beta and RW app updates

Hi Southpaw,
My Republic app still doesn’t show 3.29. I restarted my android cell phone to check.

Please advise.

Thank you,


Hi @lesc,

Restarting your Android cell phone won’t typically induce an app update.

The newest version was released in the Google Play Store this morning with a gradual roll-out through 3/18.

For those Orion participants who filled out the form I provided in the group DM to be added to a Play Store Beta channel for our app, the new version will be available today, once the Play Store makes it available. (There’s usually a bit of a delay after our developers publish the new version to the Play Store.) If you have the Play Store app set to automatically update the Republic app, there’s nothing for you to do. If you have the Play Store app set so that you have to manually update the Republic app, you’ll need to check the Play Store for possible updates over the next day or so.

Hi Southpaw,
My app is still

Hi @greatwent,

When you open the Play Store app there’s not an update pending?

No, nothing.
I opened play store, checked for updates…there were a few from other apps…but not for RW

I restarted my phone, the the RW app still says (Updated on Oct. 23, 2020)

One thing I did notice when looking at the RW app in the Play Store, there was an option for Joining Beta…I clicked on it…and the App now says…“Adding your account to the program. It may take a few minutes”

Okay, good! I wasn’t aware that was a step, but let us know what happens after the few minutes!

@southpaw – I signed up for the beta and after a few minutes I was able to install the beta update.

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Ok, it seems like it tool almost 24 hours to sync up, but I have now check Google Play and there was an update for the RW app waiting to be downloaded and installed.
I am now on version updated Mar 8, 2021

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And now that you’ve done that, version is available! :grin:

Are any other @orionwifi beta testers who signed up to get the app early seeing it available yet?


Hi, Southpaw -

I just got the new version of the Republic app. There is still only one site in my area, and not a place that I would visit.

Thanks @JimBro! I’m glad to see the app update is starting to reach our Orion WiFi testers. Keep an eye on the map for new sites, they are still being added!

Haven’t seen anything yet.


Hi Southpaw,
I powered off my Pixel 4A and powered it on again. I went to the Google play store. I typed in republic wireless. It said Open, I went to verify republic wireless in about and it still shows

I assume I am not getting the RW app 3.29.

I have the new one!

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Hi @lesc,

When I reviewed the form data again, I still do not see you on the list. I sent a group Direct Message with a form to fill out if you wanted early access to the app. That Group message is here:

Even without filling out the form, you will get the update as it is rolling out to everyone over the next week or so.

I’m not able to use my new phone until I get it fixed. It cme with the wrong SIM card and the correct one doesn’t seem to work either. I have an open ticket 9 days.

Hi Southpaw,
Thanks for the email
I did sign up for beta. I will check everyday on Google play.

Thank you,

l have updated to the new version.

Haven’t seen it yet - still on

I am updated to

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