Other carriers offer unlimited data

These are my sentiments as a long time devoted customer. When I leave RW it will be over this!

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Amen to that! When the competition is offering unlimited data for about the same price? If I had better cell service in my location or the competition also included wifi calling…

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I signed up when it was $25 for 5GBs…how many years ago?

Stayed with RW to help them get their legs, but just bailed for ATT’s $15/mo 2GB w/1-month rollover, plus when you run out data is throttled way down to 128K, but not completely cut off. This can be important sometimes.

I used to love running out of data with RW and unable to buy more through the app because I’m out of data (and no WiFi). A trickle of data can save the day sometimes.

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Neither data nor wifi is necessary to buy data. The Republic App always has access to purchase data even if the customer is out of data.


I have been a customer for many years and have recommended Republic to many people both in my personal and professional life. I was sad to see that you have eliminated an unlimited data option. Several carriers are now offering lower cost plans with unlimited data. I live in a rural setting and do not have wi-fi available everywhere I go. It seems that Republic changed for the worst.

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