Other data big usage

What the heck is other data? It used 2gb of data this month

Hi @tom4342, :slight_smile:

Looking in Republics Help articles I found this:


I did a factory reset

Are you saying that prior to detecting the 2Gb of data usage in ‘other’ you did a Factory Reset?

Correct I was having sound issues and sim card issues

Try this and see if it fixes the issue (let us know though).

Thanks, then one of the causes outlined in the RW Help Article that @SuperT pointed out would explain … but to allow a user to be proactive in this case they would have to be monitoring in an ongoing basis.

  • The RW App home page will provide both the # MB data left and the # of MB used.
  • Then one would utilize the link provided ‘See where your data is going’ to check for an errant app.

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