"Other Data" using up 1 GB in hours, while on WiFi?

Moto 5G S Plus

Choice 3.0, 1 GB data, Annual Pay

1 GB data, and Talk and Text

Yesterday, the first day of the first billing cycle that my wife’s Moto 5GS Plus was on the Annual Pay plan, the entire 1 GB of mobile data was used up by mid-day. The handset was only briefly away from WiFi while driving between home and a robust work WiFi location. Republic app shows almost all the data went to “Other Data,” not listing apps.

Opened a ticket with Republic, was advised to send screenshots from phone showing details of data use from within Android Settings screens. Which is NOT something my wife is interested in bothering with, and I am away from her and the phone for several days. She would rather live without mobile data than deal with finding the screens, etc. etc.

Agents dealing with my Republic ticket added 1 GB as a courtesy last night, pending me getting back with the phone for troubleshooting. Within four hours, while the phone was completely unused, on WiFi at home, the courtesy 1 GB was used up. Now the Republic app shows that 1954.92 MB have been used by “Other Data.”

When I can get with the phone I will dig into Android mobile data records. But it seems very possible this is a glitch on the Republic system side, first time adding the monthly mobile data to this line on the annual plan. Maybe first time on a Moto G5S+?

Anyone else with similar issues? Searching the Community shows “Other Data” using up cell data in the past, but nothing quite identical.

This is RW’s description of Other Data

The reason for asking for the screenshots is that Android Settings capture ALL data usage. If this abnormal data usage is not showing up in the Android Settings then it is likely a glitch but not something that the Community can help with. I recommend that you continue working with RW Support in the ticket to get this resolved.

Thanks amitl - I have read that. But it does not fit this situation, for it has continued for a SECOND day after the new billing period. And I assure you the phone was not Factory Reset nor newly activated by anything the user did while asleep. So I will get the screenshots, and engage Republic Tech Support via phone call, when I am with the phone.

Now that we have the ability to see data usage in the Account portal…you may want to check what it says there and whether it matches what is displayed on the phone. The Account portal only shows the total data remaining…but it may give you an additional data point.

Actually, the Account Portal will NOT show me any data status for my wife’s phone line, only my first phone line. For her number (the only other one on our account) it only shows under My Data for her number: “Check this phone’s Republic App for up to date information.” Puzzled by this, and I have not “assigned” the phone to her, so I have complete control and authority over the phone, Republic asks me whether she is authorized to know anything about the account! But even I, presumably authorized, cannot see the data status. She has to look at it on her phone, in the app.

That is strange… is her phone on a My Choice plan… or the older 2.0 Refund plan?
Only data for My Choice plan phones is visible in the Account Portal.

But maybe that might give a clue

The RW app has option

Reset Republic Connections

so that might be the first thing to try. I don’t want to throw additional debug steps into the mix if you are already working with RW Support. As I stated earlier…this one will need their help to get fully resolved.
Hopefully, your wife is not stuck without access to cellular data in the interim.

Could you click the “assign user” button and make sure “remove user” isn’t an option?

I’m sorry your wife is going through this when she’s away and unable troubleshoot it with you.
The issue will be something that support has to resolve.

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southpaw - the Remove User is shown as a clickable option. Her name is shown at the top of the box for the phone number, and the Assign User button is greyed out.

Should I do something to change this? Or are we in some indeterminate state with regard to the phone lines being “assigned?”


No, having her assigned as a user has nothing to do with the issue itself.

It’s just that if you wanted to see the amount of data the account is reporting she has used, you’d have to unassign her as a user. You had said the account portal wasn’t showing you her data usage, and the reason it won’t is that she is an assigned user.

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Thanks again, catching up with you. So I have “assigned” the phone to her. Which seems right, to have her name connected with the phone number. But if some responsibility for managing the phone line goes with the line / number being Assigned - I am pretty sure she would be glad to give that back to me. She simply does not care to bother with such mundane technicalities as data quotas, Android settings, whatever. Her phone should simply work.

Which is all fine with me, as the engineer in the couple I am happy to take care of those sorts of things, she has many many superior skills and much knowledge beyond mine!

Hi @clint_s,

Here’s information about what account owners and assigned users have permission to do/view in the account portal:

Was the Help team able to determine the issue and take care of everything for you?

Hi @southpaw!

Thanks, our issue was resolved, but after much more hassle than seems warranted. And not clear to me that anyone “determined the issue.” Had to “prove” by sending screenshots of both the RW app and Android Settings data counters that the Other data consumption was bogus, and that the phone wasn’t continuously watching HD videos while the user was asleep, I suppose. Then went through a couple Activation procedures - first on our own, then had to be on the phone with support while doing the Activation. Took five days to resolve. So, yes, took care of the issue, eventually, Apparently. Although I don’t know what the issue was, something about systems at RW or cellular provider, best I know.

From my general troubleshooting perspective: Might it help for RW support to kick these Other data concerns into a special process? Seems that the issue might have been resolvable in one day or less, if doing the Activation procedure had happened earlier. Do support folks have any AI (Artificial Intelligence) help to guide them?

Thanks for your help, @southpaw!

Much as we create publicly-visible help center articles when new questions arise from our members, our staff continually create internal documentation for the issues they work on. So “other data” issues have troubleshooting steps, and the process to solve these issues are in place. Unfortunately, “other data” is a generic report on the phone and can show up for a wide number of reasons, so there’s not a single thing causing it every time, and therefore, not a single “easy button” solution to take care of every case.

We try to streamline and simplify the member experience whenever possible. If I remember correctly, part of time to solve for this particular issue included your wife being away and not being the primary troubleshooting person for the phone?

Thanks for the feedback and I’m very glad to see the issue is now taken care of.

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