Other data?

For the first time, a category called “Other data” shows up as having used the largest amount of data by far on my phone during the period Oct 20-Nov 20, though this has not shown up on any previous bills. What could this be?

If you would share the phone type and plan that you are currently using, some fellow users with with the same configuration will probably be able to provide some information to you.

Hi @madeleines.ygetpx

Is it possible you uninstalled/reinstalled the RW app during the billing cycle?

(click to enlarge) (edit: doesn’t enlarge on my chromebook, but you can see in the graph when I uninstalled/reinstalled the app).

This screenshot shows all data used before the uninstall of the RW app grouped into a Other Data category.

It is a Moto E 2nd gen, and I have the $10 basic plan.

And yes, it is possible, because for various reasons I was sent a replacement phone. But what should I do, and why is my data usage higher than before. Thanks!

Hi again @madeleines.ygetpx

I cannot explain why your phone is showing data usage at all. On the $10 base plan, you have no cellular data, (The RW app does use some cellular data but we are not charged for it). I think this is just an anomaly probably related to the replacement device.

I do not think you have anything to worry about. I had someone on the $10 plan send me a screenshot of the RW app data usage and it showed 0MB’s used. In the Android *Settings/Data usage, *it reports 31.29MB’s used,

Hope this helps.

Woops! and thanks. I don’t have the $10, I have the base plan plus .5 gb. I woulld take a screen sot, but it doesn’t seem to work to hold the power and volume down at same time. My screen looks like the one in your first reply (showing uninstalled), only the “other data” use is 278.3

I had the same problem this month, except mine doesn’t say uninstalled next to it. I didn’t quite catch watch the solution was?

Other data might just be reinstalling the public app or maybe any other Downloading that I accidently was doing while not on Wifi?

I can’t figure out how to add my photo to this comment…

Thank you in advance if anyone has any other clarifications for me!

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I just found this thread but there doesn’t seem to be an answer about what to do. I have a new phone, a Moto Z Play. I did reinstall the RW app.Screenshot_20171026-072949|281x500

Please submit a help ticket

Hi @candys.h8d4pr

(Your screenshot link is not working, most likely because you didn’t leave a space between the (.) and the link).

I took screenshots on my MXP before and after uninstalling/reinstalling the RW app. Depending on which version of the RW app you are using you may see “Other Data” or “Removed Application(s)”.


(Spotify must have used some data between screenshots).

Does this help with what you are seeing, or is there something else you are inquiring about?.

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