Other people see a different number when I make calls, Samsung phone

I don’t think it is just you. Yesterday I discovered that the recipient of my calls was seeing a totally different number when I called someone. I contacted Republic Wireless by Chat and they put in a ticket for me. It has now been over 24 hours and I have not gotten an email or any response by other means. I could not even reach my 81 year old father to check on him because he will not answer and unrecognized caller (as we taught him to avoid scams). An hour and a half drive to check on him. Had to Save the new number as my name Contact number 2. Apparently I can be reached by calling either my original number or the one showing to the person I’m calling.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Assuming you’re on a My Choice phone, can you please try uninstalling and re-installing the Republic app, or uninstalling and re-installing updates to it, if it won’t uninstall completely.

If you need exact steps, please let us know what your phone model is.

Your republic number has another number hidden under. Something to do with republic not being a cell number but a VOIP that may be the number your dad is seeing.
I don’t think our 2 problems are connected. Thanks for chiming in. Republic help has gone down hill

Model is SM-A505U1, and yes My Choice plan. I’m a bit scared to uninstall the app. I put in a second ticket myself about an hour ago since no one had replied from yesterday’s Chat persons ticket number. Now it says Assigned to Kyle J and status says “Resolved”. I didn’t hear from him and it is not resolved. Should I hold off, or try uninstalling the app?

That ticket has been merged into the first, that’s why it appears to be resolved. We can’t have multiple tickets on the same matter because that would really confuse everyone and tie down agents helping the same people over and over.

Please go ahead and uninstall and re-install the Republic app. There’s nothing to be scared of.
Here are the instructions you need. Restarting the phone between uninstalling and re-installs is an important step:

ALL Done and I called someone AND my issue seems to be resolved. THANK YOU SouthPaw!!

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You’re quite welcome, @sharonn.