Other person can't hear me for a few seconds?

What phone do you have?
Motor G4 Play
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Yes, all.

Issue Description

I’ll be on the phone with someone, and whether it is connected Republic or cellular, sometimes the other person will say they can’t hear me. After 15 seconds they say I’m back. I get if it is is over wifi but this could be cellular also. Not sure. Should I upgrade the phone? Any thoughts?

Hello @schigger

Is this a new issue?
Try a Refresh of the Republic Activation and let us know if that helps.

Seems to happen randomly. I’ve noticed it more over the last few months, but I also don’t talk on the phone much anymore (does anyone nowadays???). I’ll try this and report back in a few days.

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As this appears to have gotten progressively worse over time and is both cellular and WiFi related, it may indicate that something is using resources that shouldn’t be?

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