Other person can't hear me for a few seconds?

What phone do you have?
Motor G4 Play
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Yes, all.

Issue Description

I’ll be on the phone with someone, and whether it is connected Republic or cellular, sometimes the other person will say they can’t hear me. After 15 seconds they say I’m back. I get if it is is over wifi but this could be cellular also. Not sure. Should I upgrade the phone? Any thoughts?

Hello @schigger

Is this a new issue?
Try a Refresh of the Republic Activation and let us know if that helps.

Seems to happen randomly. I’ve noticed it more over the last few months, but I also don’t talk on the phone much anymore (does anyone nowadays???). I’ll try this and report back in a few days.

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As this appears to have gotten progressively worse over time and is both cellular and WiFi related, it may indicate that something is using resources that shouldn’t be?

Have you been able to fix the problem you are experiencing?
If so, your feedback will provide additional information we can pass along the next time we see the problem reported from one of our fellow members.

Happened again today – first time in awhile. I’m starting to think it has something to do with the transfer from wifi to cellular and instead of it being a smooth flawless transition there’s this lag period for it to re-establish itself (if that makes sense).

  • The normal transfer from WiFi to cell should occur in this fashion (afik)
    • WiFi starts to degrade, then data begins to be transmitted over both WiFi and Cell and the two signals are compared and the 1st to arrive at the Republic server is used
    • If/When the WiFi signal continues to degrade past the set criteria the call will be transferred to Cell in its entirety
  • You could be suffering from a combination of poor WiFi and poor Cell?

ETA: I just remembered, when the phone transfers from Cell to WiFi, there may be a short delay to prevent connecting to drive-by WiFi
Your WiFi may be dropping out/in and you may need to control this via the RW App Sometimes When a Call Switches Between From WiFi to Cellular Connection the Call is Dropped – Republic Help

I’ve been carrying a Moto G5 Plus for a year and a half and have yet to figure out what causes the dropped audio. I can be sitting right in front of my router and it turns off the microphone for “a while”. Nevertheless I normally carry it with the wi-fi turned off (which it will turn back on itself some hours later). I also jump to turn it off as soon as the other person says they can’t hear me. But the problem exists even on the cellular network alone. And it happens both when I am the caller or the called. This is not an unknown problem - google it - although I have not done a survey of the models effected.
I am reluctant to bad mouth Motorola since I worked there for 30 years, but the Moto G I carried before this one bricked when I turned on airplane mode when the battery was low and could not get the radio to turn back on. The Moto hardware is great - robust, reliable, premium radio performance, etc, but the systems are too buggy. I’ve bought my last. Good luck.

Hi @schigger,

There’s no lag time programmed in. You could try disabling the handover to see if the issue gets better or worse.

Initially you mentioned that you’re sure the dropped audio happens on Wi-Fi but were not sure about cell. Have you been able to determine whether or not it happens on cell?

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