Other providers offer same network, more data (4 GB), and lower price

There are other providers which use the same network as Republic Wireless, but offer more data (4 GB/mo) and charge less ($15/mo with unlimited talk and text). Plus, their numbers are recognized as wireless numbers, so there are no issues with banking services (e.g. Venmo). I’m seriously questioning remaining with RW???


Seems reasonable. Just make sure you understand the terms and conditions on those deals.


I’m going to sit tight and wait to see what Republic/DISH does. I have a sneaking suspicion we may know sooner rather than later.

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I did leave exactly for that reason, I got a new unlocked phone and more data and was able to get paypal back which locked me out because of the republic wireless Number, I ported the number. I was a republic member for many years.


Call me very confused. If you are with another carrier patriciac.fojpod, why are you posting on RW?

If another provider meets your specific needs and it is cost effective for you then enjoy it. No one carrier can ever be all things to the needs of all the people who want cell service including varying amounts of data.


because I am replying to the comments about this thread and if you read the comment I was with republic for a very long time


Just did move 1 line to that provider, been with Republic since almost the beginning. But with same network.4x more.data, less $… Why stay with Republic? Out of some sense of loyalty?
Couple that with the fact that they, (other provider) already supports the edge 2021…


OK. ok. This is very mysterious. Whose the other provider?


Hi @Tomxp,

Generally, it’s discouraged from discussing alternate providers in detail in Republic’s Community. That said, I’m reasonably certain the unnamed provider is the one mentioned here: Loyal to RW, Tempted by Mint Mobile.

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If so, let’s merge the topics, please.

Meh. I see at least three with teaser rates in that price range.

Hmm, yes indeed. I too have been seeing these wonderful already active no waiting for confirmation offers. Fair prices, larger data plans , bigger phone selection. I’ve been with RW for sometime now. I already paid for a yearly plan in advance for two phones too. Would like to at least see some of the newer phones come out for RW. Seems like by the time they do, they will be dated and a newer model will pop up. My Moto Z4 is acting a bit wonky as well from all the “updates” and it’s just not the same phone it used to be. For today’s standard 1GB of data is equivalent to buying a 16GB phone. It’s just old and out of the times. Come on RW put the carrot on a string and stick and hold it in front of our faces already.


I know what you mean. I know RW is mostly marketed toward elderly shut-ins but there are much better data deals to be had out there for the same money. And you can use the latest phones with better technology, which makes for such a better experience. I have been with RW since 2012 or something but I think it may be time to move on. I’m not getting any younger, haha.

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I need to replace my phone. 6 of the 10 phones RW offers are ‘out of stock’. 3 of the 4 in stock are Samsung cripples leaving the one phone left a Moto. Lack of phone selection and lack of anything tangable in the way of news, positive or negative, leaves me feeling like RW is not long for this world. I understand RW is working on certifying new phones, or whatever the correct term is, but there seems to be no time frame for accomplishing this and don’t understand why this wouldn’t be a priority all 12 months of the year. All together, this seems like a recipe for disaster. Back to my need for a phone. Yup, I could go hunting for a RW compatible phone somewhere and hope there’s no issues, but I don’t want to go through the hassle. I don’t really want to change service providers as I doubt there’s better customer service anywhere. I could buy the only real phone RW has in stock, the Moto, but I don’t really want to. Sad state, so I gues s I’m forced to make a tough decision here and quickly.


Hi @rickp.mnkctn,

Welcome to our Member Community,

I’m sorry the current lack of inventory leaves you feeling stuck. There is a global chip shortage impacting the availability of many phones as well as a shortage of one of the other components Motorola uses on many of their popular phones. Because we keep our inventory small to keep our costs low, we’re feeling those shortages more intensely than companies who stocked warehouses full of phones before the shortage began.

The Community can help you find a compatible phone elsewhere, without it being a “hope there’s no issues” situation. The phones we sell in our store are not modified in any way to work with Republic, so the same phone from our Supported Phones list is going to have the same experience as one bought from our store.

Was there a particular one of the out-of-stock Motos you were interested in?
Moto G Stylus 2021 direct from Moto: moto g stylus - android smartphone | motorola US - Motorola
Moto G Power 2021 direct from Moto: moto g power - android smartphone | motorola US - Motorola (and at a fabulous price!)
Moto One 5G Ace direct from Moto: motorola one 5G ace - android smartphone | motorola US - Motorola


Well it’s time for a new phone. My Moto X4 has become unreliable not to mention its age. To my surprise I look in the Republic store and find the phone that I would like out of stock. No worries because I can bring my own phone to Republic wireless. This is what I love about Republic wireless there are so many options and the price that I pay about $22 for my service and 1 G I can’t beat it.
Right now I can get the Moto One 5G Ace, for my birthday at a discounted price of $329. (9/20/2021) In my eyes that is fantastic I’m going to buy one today. Now all I need to do is go to the Republic store and get a SIM card sent to me. ■■■ love Republic wireless I’ve been with you guys for like 10 years or better, I do not have any complaint about you. Everything works the way it’s supposed to and I’m very proud to say that I’m a founding member of Republic wireless. I still tell people to knowledge them that they can save so much money by going Republic. I have saved so much money in 10 years by having Republic. I don’t have a worry buying a phone and staying to see where Republic with this merger/aquisition goes. I do not know what my future price will be but I’m not too worried about it because I’m sure Republic is going to take care of me like they always have. All of you that read this and think of jumping ship, the water might be warm but this world can be cold. When you jump and get in that water there’s man-eaters in there with you & I wouldn’t want to be in that water.
Republic wireless you just do what you do and I will continue to be with you because I love saving that money that you don’t charge me.

■■■ bless all of you out there struggling with these covid times please stay safe protect yourself don’t let anybody tell you different because nobody’s going to protect you but yourself so protect your family as well.

To all of my Republic friends I haven’t been on lately but I am doing well for myself my wife has had some problems but I just want to say she is on the mend and I’m so thankful for that. Each of you that I call friends I hope you know who You are I don’t want to name everyone! I do miss being there talking and being in the community but I will be back. Bocephous 1 out! :slight_smile:


I’m with bocephous. My unlocked Moto x4 purchased from Amazon about 3 yrs ago was a great phone but due to loading on all my home automation apps I ran out of space and outgrew it and replaced it with a Pixel 4a unlocked from Amazon and just slipped my RW sim card into it and everything downloaded and now I carry on with another fast phone powered by Republic Wireless and their great service. I’m glad I stuck with RW.


Thanks @nathans.muyejm,

We’re glad you stuck with RW, too! Did you happen to buy a case when you bought the Pixel 4a? The Community Treasure Chest has a few overstock cases and we’d be glad to send you one if you need it.


  • Google Blue Confetti Fabric Case for Google Pixel 4a
  • Axessorize Black PROTech Case for Google Pixel 4a
  • Axessorize Ultra Clear Case for Google Pixel 4a

Hi Southpaw!

That’s very kind of you, but I did buy this case for my Pixel 4a and is seems to be working out well:


Best wishes,


Have had 3 lines with RW… first line just had 9 yr anniversary… deeply appreciate RW and all the savings over the years as well as the amazing community.

Got tired of regularly adding extra GBs of data for data-hungry teenager so going to try Mint for a while on that one line.

I sincerely hope that the revamped plans and support for new phones comes along soon and hopefully with better data pricing.