Others can't hear me on Moto G6 unless I use speaker phone

What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Both Talk and Text

Issue Description

Hi there. The hardware, data, and phone service seem to be working completely fine with one exception: Others cannot hear me when I speak – UNLESS I activate speaker phone.

Info: I can receive telephone calls and call others. Ringer works fine. I can hear others for both incoming/outgoing calls over cell and wireless. However, recently when I call others or receive calls from various phone numbers, the remote party simply can’t hear me – again, talking via speaker phone is the only solution. (but that is completely functional)

** The symptom is asif I have somehow muted my speaking voice. I checked sound settings (settings–>sound), and of course, put everything at max levels! :slight_smile: I’ve cleared both my app + Android system caches <article: 115011672287> and tested in safe mode per other support articles here on the RW site.

(Settings -> Apps & Notifications --> App Info --> [choose app] --> Storage --> Disabled/Enabled/Updated the RW app to version Using Android 8.0.0.

Disabled and Force stopped Bluetooth per other RW support article. Disconnected all “connected devices” via settings.

Uninstalled most non-essential apps. Goodbye Alexa! Have not tinkered with the “Moto Voice (beta)” or other Moto apps. Activated Storage Manager.

Cannot think of any recent changes that I myself made that would have caused this phone volume issue.

Am I missing something obvious? Thanks for reading.

Hi @gprobins

Wow, you wrote up a good list!
The only things I can think of to ask is if you have a screen protector or case that might be interfering with the microphone. Also, has the phone always done this or just started?

I see you are able to use the microphone during a speakerphone call. Assuming it’s the same microphone you speak into while holding the phone, and you have already tried safe mode, clearing caches, uninstalling apps… (restarting the phone?)…
I would say (unless others members have some ideas to try) the next and last step would be a Factory Reset.

Thanks for the quick response.

(a) I removed my speck phone case – to no avail. (That would have been a perfectly appropriate explanation. Rats!)
(b) The problem started about 4-5 days ago. In other words, speaker phone wasn’t required until the last couple of days. I can’t think of any recent actions/changes that I intentionally could have made.
© Yes, I’ve tried safe mode, app/sys cache clears, app uninstalls, and frequent restarts throughout. No luck so far.

By the way, I just disabled auto-updates and checked to see if there was a recent update that could have interfered. Nothing obvious.

I tinkered with Google Assistant to see if it could hear my voice (in case that would be relevant). It successfully heard my “tell me a joke” request: Scientists recently discovered a new dinosaur that was very intelligent. – A Thesaurus. Ugh.

Honestly, I’m not averse to a factory reset at this point. Since I’ve only had this unit for 6 weeks, a rebuild would likely take less time than a further troubleshoot. Plus, I’m the only one who uses this hardware, and I have only one affiliated account on the unit. I was just hoping that the community would identify something that I forgot about, wasn’t aware of, didn’t realize, and/or didn’t understand! :slight_smile:

Question: Is this the type of problem that could persist after a factory reset? What would that suggest?

I am with you on wanting to hold off on the Factory Reset

  • Is this problem present on both Cell and WiFi calls?
    • If on WiFi only, can you go to McD’s or Starbucks and try calling one of the same numbers that fail?

@jben has a nice Idea if you want to continue troubleshooting. Just stay within warranty time in case this turns into a hardware issue.

(I still would do the Factory reset tho, but that’s me) :wink:
Let us know and good luck!


Yes. If it is a gulp :grimacing: hardware issue and not a software one.

To answer previous questions: (a) Yes, this problem persists on my home network + all cell connections + on random WiFi environments. (b) Yes, the problem persists regardless of phone numbers I call. © I don’t have any problems with my PC connectivity or with my Roku streaming connectivity.

I’m all out of curiosity fuel for troubleshooting. I’m about to run a factory reset. Honestly, the only meaningful thing separating me from a brand new environment is my contact list.

I will reply here with the results in case future RW users could find it relevant.

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No luck. Same (or possibly worse) issues. Seems that I have bad hardware, and there’s nothing I can fix/troubleshoot from my end.

The phone has a 1 year warranty from Motorola. You can contact them through https://support.motorola.com/us/en/contactus.


In case it proves relevant to others, I’m posting the fix from the Motorola.com support docs. Everything above, plus a critical element – previously unmentioned on RW, hardreset.info, or elsewhere. There, under the “callers cant hear me” issue, [acknowledging that speaker phone works] after running a full factory recovery (blowing away apps, files, memory buffers) via safe mode, observe these following additional tips for the Moto G6:

  • Unselect the Automatic restore option.
  • After power up we recommend to NOT enter a Gmail account to ensure applications are not automatically downloaded. (You will be able to enter your Gmail account later and reinstall your applications). OR select “set up as new device” rather than restore from previous backup.

After doing so, the entire process was successful. I have no understanding of this at a technical level, but taking any automated “shortcuts” whatsoever prevented sound transmission in my particular case. May your issues not be this obscure.

This solution prevents things from automatically reinstalling after reset. The point of this is to rule out software that is being installed as interference that’s causing the issue. In your case, it appears that you’ve proven this. As you reinstall apps on your phone be sure and pay attention and do them in small groups so that if the audio stops working again you’ll know what group of apps is at fault.

Thanks for coming back and sharing what worked for you!

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