Others have severe echo if I'm talking over wifi

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Samsung galaxy s10, and plan includes data and text. If I call someone on wifi, any other party, they hear themselves with a strong echo. This is happening with multiple individuals from multiple locations. Any thoughts regarding solutions?

  • Some things that have helped others
    • Turn down your volume
    • If on speaker, go to handset
    • Check your WiFi excessive ping time will result in echo

I have the same issue but when I turn off wifi and get on LTE, the echo (as do the frequent, short in-call drops) go away.

Moto Power G.

All calls, cellular or WiFi have a certain amount of echo… the amount of Latency or Ping time is the key, if kept under 150ms it is usually ok on VoIP, greater than that is where we begin hearing echo.
Here is a link to a brief discussion on echo, and how to fix that may be of interest

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hi @stanm.ul5oal Are you still having the bad echo issue?

Yes. I have to turn off my phone wifi connection if I want to make or receive a call.

Thank you.

If you follow the directions here: How To Run a Diagnostic Test in the Republic Wireless App – Republic Help to run a diagnostic, while connected to wifi, does it report any issues?

I ran diagnostics, and no problems showed.

Thanks. Let’s try a quick reset of your connection to Republic’s servers.
Open the dialer, as if your were going to dial a phone number, and enter *#*#8647#*#* It should quickly clear off the screen. When it does, please restart your phone and then give a wifi call a shot.

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I just tried it with my son, and there was no change. The phone responded to the code just as you said it would, but I had to turn off wifi for a viable phone call.

Thank you so very much! I do appreciate this.

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Hi @stanm.ul5oal,

Did you do a speedtest with your phone on your home WiFi to look for signs of latency? What kind of internet service do you have?

Do you have a case on your phone?

Do you have any of the relevant apps on this list on your phone?

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Thank you very much. Attached is a screenshot of a speed test I just ran. We have fiber.

I have a case, and I will try removing and calling shortly. However, the case doesn’t affect non-wifi apps.

I will look through the list of problem apps. While none look familiar, I have installed some apps and forgotten when hunting some function or other.



Sorry for my delayed reply, but I wanted to be sure and search for every application on the list as best I could. I am afraid that I did not find a single one on my phone, and I also tried looking for apps that I thought might be similar. Does this help?


  • aCalendar+ - Causes issues with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Apartment Finder - Causes issue connecting to WiFi
  • Apartments.com - Causes issue connecting to WiFi
  • Automatic Call Recorder - Causes issue with audio over wifi calls
  • Avast AV - Can cause WiFi connection issues and cell signal to fluctuate. Also appears to be related to the “Messaging has stopped” issue.
  • Battery Doctor - can ‘kill functions’ on the phone, this could turn off various features
  • Battery Widget Reborn - Disables data connection
  • Brainword - Cause “not available” errors
  • Brother iPrint app - Can cause inbound calls not to ring on WiFi
  • Call Blocker Free - Blacklist - causes MMS app crash issues
  • Call Blocker Pro - impacts Voicemail notifications from appearing on the phone
  • Call Recorder - Interferes with WiFi audio transmission
  • Call Volume Booster by D&V - Causes MMS app crash issues
  • Clean Sweep/Clean Master - Causes Messaging app to fail; “pictures will be stuck in sending” or “sending stuck”
  • Cloudmagic - Causes Messaging app to fail
  • CM Security - Causes Messaging app to fail
  • Contacts+ - Interferes with calls, blocking phone numbers in use
  • Covenant Eyes - Recognizable SIM card interference; It works like a VPN and may prevent service from working via cellular data
  • CVS - Causes issues with connecting to 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • Duck Duck Go VPN - Causes issues with WiFi and Data connectivity
  • Dunkin Donuts - May cause phone to lose WiFi connection
  • FitBit - May cause “no service” issues with texts, calls, and mobile data
  • Foxfi - Causes “not available” errors
  • Flashlight Apps - Can cause issues with camera functions
  • GasBuddy - Causes remembered WiFi networks not to be remembered. Also, phone fails to work at a hotspot.
  • Ingress Battery Widget - This app appears to disable data/internet
  • Jawbone “UP” - Causes issues with WiFi connectivity
  • Hulu - Can cause audio issues with videos
  • Hiya - Call blocking application - uses a community database of numbers, and may block numbers without member input, if a number they can’t get calls or voicemail messages from happens to be in the database
  • llama - Location profiles - Will cause WiFi to connect and disconnect
  • Lux Dash - Auto brightness app that can cause the screen to appear RED-Ex 255169
  • MMS Saver - Number Unreachable over WiFi
  • Mobile Go - Caused issues with keyboard, specifically P and L letters
  • Netguard- Causes SMS issue, not able to texts without WiFi or data
  • Mr Number - Causes SMS issue, mainly not to send
  • My Radar - Causes remembered WiFi networks not to be remembered
  • Pinger - Causes issues with making/receiving calls and text
  • Phone Color Caller Screen - Will prevent do not disturb from working. Drains data on every received call.
  • Poynt - Will cause issue with WiFi connecting
  • Ringtone Maker - Will make inbound calls go directly to voicemail
  • Runkeeper - Causes remembered WiFi networks not to be remembered
  • Smart Scan - lots of advertisements; political ads were noted by members
  • Super-Bright LED flashlight by Surpax - Causes MMS app crash issues
  • Tiny Flashlight + LED - Specific flashlight app that does cause issue
  • Tunnel Bear- VPN application
  • TV Listings & Guide Plus - Interferes with WiFi connectivity in some cases
  • US Topo Maps - Causes flickering different colors of light on the screen in back camera
  • Weatherbug app - causing choppy WiFi after EMR update
  • WeatherUnderground - MMS: Error “Unfortunately Messaging App Has Stopped”
  • Word Blitz - Causes Pop-up advertisements
  • Yik Yak - Cause not available
  • Zedge - Issues with sounds and notifications

@stanm.ul5oal Sorry to see this is still hanging around out there. Are you still having the issue? Have you tried a few calls with the case off the phone? Does the echo exist both on the handset and if you have the call on speakerphone?

I did find a way to stop the echo when using voice over wifi: use speakerphone. When I do, the other person does not have to deal with an echo.

I would like a better solution, and trying with the case off didn’t help.

Thank you.

Hi @stanm.ul5oal,

I’m sorry I missed your reply with the thorough evaluation of apps we know create conflicts.

If you are in a call with echo and you move to speakerphone and back to the normal microphone, does the echo return?

Likewise, if you move to cell then back to WiFi does the echo return?

Did the problem start only recently, or has it been a problem since you began using the phone?

Is the phone fully updated for Android and system apps?

I don’t have the S10 handy, so I’m not sure what options are available on your phone, but here are some things to look for:

  1. Open the phone app and tap the three-dot :dots: menu icon at top, right. Tap Settings. Make sure Wi-Fi calling is disabled (to the left and gray.)
  2. From that same menu, tap Other Call Settings (or Additional settings) - have you ever enabled Hearing aid compatiblity? If so, try testing with it disabled to see if it makes a difference.
  3. In this same settings menu as idea # 2, if you see “Noise Reduction” make sure it’s disabled.
  4. Could you try covering the noise-canceling microphone while you’re in a call where echo is present, and see if that clears up the echo?

A couple of other suggestions I’ve seen online include clearing cache and data on the Bixby app (do you ever use Bixby?) and resetting network settings. Please note that resetting network settings will clear all your saved WiFi networks.

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Thank you so much! Several of your suggestions are new, and I’m going to try them. The echo started about 6 months ago, and it is consistent with wifi calling.

The system is fully updated, and I did purge some apps that one community member suggested as possible problems.


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