Otter box causing overheating

I’ve had an otter box on my moto x pure for a couple of years. I have noticed that it tended to make my phone run hot especially when hot outside. I removed the otterbox and noticed a noticeable drop in temperature and the phone worked better i have always like the otterbox but think the newer android phones run at warmer temps the otterbox maybe suffocating the phone.I bought an open case made of leather like a billfold hopefully that works better.

All cases trend to trap heat [the more rugged usually the more heat that gets trap by the case] a losser case may help a little

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Hi @tom4342,

Thanks for the feedback! Do you have an app on the phone that displays the phone’s temperature? It might interesting to test with each case and see if there really is a significant difference.

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I had one for awhile phone would spike while I was surfing or checking email my son’s Samsung would do the same with his OtterBox the rubber does it the phone has been much cooler and faster without case.

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