OtterBox Prefix Case for Moto E5 Play - a review


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Depending on what you’re looking for, the OtterBox Prefix Case for Moto E5 Play could be a good option.


  • Fits well
  • Simple design
  • Seems like it provides good protection, though I’m not planning to test it :slight_smile:
  • Camera opening actually fits the “M” logo on the back, unlike most Moto E5 Play cases on the market which are designed for the fingerprint version that has the logo slightly higher up on the back. (Those cases end up partially covering the “M” on the Moto E5 Play that Republic carries.)


  • Expensive compared to options available elsewhere, e.g. Amazon, Walmart, eBay
  • Not very grippy/tacky, so prone to slipping, especially if you use your phone one-handed (navigating the screen with the thumb of the same hand you hold the phone with)
  • Buttons on the right side take a lot of effort to push
  • Average in bulkiness, i.e. a “con” if you’re looking for slim

For me, I prefer something slimmer and more grippy, so I gave the case to my wife who is using it instead - she has the same phone. She doesn’t care about it not being very slim because she keeps it in her purse, not her pocket. And the grip isn’t as important to her since she’s more of a two-handed user (holds it in one hand and uses the other for screen navigation) so it’s less likely to slip out of her grasp. She’s not a fan of the stiff buttons though.

Thank you, @southpaw!

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Thanks for the review @markarchibald. I hope you find a slim, grippy case that meets your needs!