Our CEO Chris Chuang spoke at the Wi-Fi Now Conference

Wi-Fi Now is an organization that seeks to “support and promote all things Wi-Fi.” Their conference showcases “the most promising companies and inspiring case stories that are driving the Wi-Fi industry forward.”

Our CEO Chris Chuang spoke at the conference in April, featured as a Wi-Fi industry leader. For those interested in knowing more about Republic Wireless and our industry mindset, his presentation is available here:



Great video! :thumbsup:

Here’s my quick summary for anyone who didn’t get a chance or time to watch the full video

At timestamp 4:00 Chris very articulately describes why RW is uniquely different compared to other MVNOs

At timestamp 7:18 Chris talks about call bonding - a very powerful analogy of how this works - " RW detects the blips in WiFi highway and patches those potholes with cellular data as opposed to finding a detour (handover) for your calls!"

At timestamp 12:00 lays out the vision for future of RW which wraps up with a road-map teaser for the next three quarters.

And the talk wraps up with an interesting Q&A session.

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