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I just can’t resist. Since the title of the link (as opposed to words I typed) is deemed offensive those interested may click here. The link is to a perfectly legitimate college curriculum that calls out the fallacy that data is infallible. I can’t change what these two college professors called their curriculum. For those who can get past a word used quite commonly outside the confines of this Community, I think you’ll find it well worth the read.

Over reliance on data is, well, overrated.

Does Republic Wireless offer support by phone?

And I would counter with … Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”


The everyman’s reliance may be quite overrated.

The money driven sectors are very data driven. RW is a prime example.



Loved your link on theBS of data And how true it is.

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Interesting and worthwhile reading, I think. I wish such a course had been offered in my college days.

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Mr. Drucker’s philosophy has its detractors as well as its proponents. Notable among those detractors are W. Edwards Deming and Alfred P. Sloan (for whom MIT’s School of Management is named). Neither of these gentleman’s philosophies is beyond reproach nor is Mr. Drucker’s.

I wouldn’t argue the statistical analysis of data (the new and improved term is data science) isn’t a useful tool, however, those who elevate it to a be all end all explanation for everything are doing themselves and the rest of us a great disservice.

As one well known quote says:

There are three kinds of lies: lies, [potentially offensive word omitted] lies, and statistics.

Does anyone else think that I feel the need to self-moderate a quote widely attributed to Benjamin Disraeli, a British Prime Minister during the Victorian era (hardly an era renowned for unbridled self-expression) to be marginally silly?


I believe it the BSer’s who are spinning the data that the issue, data does not take sides, but can be used to support whatever the presenter wants it to (usually by omitting part of the data or just not getting enough of it.


You had me utterly confused. When I read the quote, my first thought was, “geeze, that’s totally different than the way I’ve heard that quote.” Didn’t register at all. Slow start for my brain this morning.

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Well the written word,an data can be (rigged) to what ever you want it to be. As it is so well done in all parts of the government.

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