Our new phones don't have the same coverage as our old ones

We recently purchased new phones (Moto G4). We now have several places we don’t have service that we did before…places like work and church! We get the triangle warning and “No network connection” warning. It didn’t do this with our old phones. Suggestions to fix it?

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Open a service ticket and discuss the issues with support and see how they can help you. If you opened a ticket please don’t make multiple tickets as it confuses the working order to answer them.

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We have coverage with our 1st gen Moto X but are told on the coverage page that our zip code has no coverage. So does this mean Republic has gotten worse? Where you HAD coverage with the Moto X you now don’t with any new phone? That is absolutely horrid customer service!!! Screw your existing customers, wonderful, NOT! Zip code 04422. When will you offer coverage? Never? Guess I have to leave RW and find a new carrier?! Stupid!!!

Open a ticket? How? Why? It is obvious you don’t care about your customers!!! I’ll do it but not holding my breathe, just like the 2 minute special you ran on the Ascend phone and were sold out!

you are on a customer forum please follow this link to create a ticket or click on the blue chat box on that page to start a chat with Republic Support -->Republic Help

where these BYOD or purchase from Republic (if BYOD right now this is on a different carrier than your old phones (and may have a different carrier even if bought from Republic as Republic as either CDMA (Sprint) like your old phones or GSM (T-Mobile), all BYOD are GSM at this time, if purchased from Republic and you recived a GSM Republic may be anble to swap out with CDMA at though the support system linked aboved

The older RW phones worked only on the Sprint network. Your newer phones (assuming you bought them from RW) are on the T-Mobile network. Sprint uses CDMA cellular technology, and T-Mobile uses GSM. But, they are two entirely separate cellular networks. So, you may have coverage in some place with the new phones that you didn’t with the old phones, and visa versa.

If you didn’t pay attention to any of this when you bought your new phones, don’t blame Republic. Republic is not the network. Take some responsibility.

Also, this is not Republic’s customer service forum. This is the user to user discussion community. To deal with tech support/customer service, you need to open a support ticket.

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RW IS the network. THEY changed technology. They sold us CDMA phones and have abandoned us with their switch to GSM.

Yes and no. Republic blends the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of its’ former corporate parent Bandwidth.com with that of one of two cellular partners. VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. Republic does not own any cellular network infrastructure itself.

Please see my reply to you here: Why wont a new MotoG4 phone on Republic Wireless not auto-roll between GSM & CDMA networks?

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