Our phones will not call through wifi after we changed Internet providers

What phone do you have? G4+ and G5+

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data on G5+

Issue Description

Our phones will not call through wifi after we changed Internet providers

Hi @danw.bk7f2z,

Could you tell the Community a little more about your new internet provider? What company is now providing your internet service?
What kind of router are you using?
What happens when you try to place a call on Wi-Fi?
Can the phones receive calls on Wi-Fi?
Can the phones surf the internet on Wi-Fi?

Hughes Net was century link. Cant place calls on wifi. Phones can surf internet just fine. Using their modem/router HT2000w. They also installed a linsys whw03 to extend the range of the wifii

Hughes Net is a satellite based internet service. Due to the latency in the satellite based communication WiFi calling doesn’t work well with such internet providers. See here for more info from the Hughes Net forum


I asked if they had QOS and they said yes

Can I by pass the range extender just for my calls

Bypassing the range extenders won’t help…as the primary service being based on satellite is the issue…the latency or delay going to the satellite and back to your destination is too long and therefore cannot properly support WiFi calling without excessive lag.

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Short answer. No.
U can not use wifi calling with Hughes Net or most other Satellite Internet providers.

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Lesson learned. GO BACK TO land line

Satellite Internet is most always FAR more expensive and slower than cable or DSL providers, at least in my research. Depends on the area you are in I guess. It is last resort service.

I live 2 miles out of town. Cant get wireless cause the joker dont offer 900mhz. Centurylink has no intention of improving 200k service. Satellite is all I can get. I live between two towers that fade in and out. CANT ANYONE make tech work

All you hear with technolgy is ours is really fast. DONT WORK but its really fast

Does anyone know how to turn off WIFI calling permanently and where can I get a good CELL Signal booster.

RW offers either Tmobile or Sprint as the underlying cell provider…have you explored both options?
Do you know if you currently have a GSM(Tmobile) or Sprint(CDMA) SIM card?

If not you can find out by opening your RW app
Settings - > About
and check what it says under
SIM Type

If you don’t mind sharing your zip code we can also help look up the coverage for you.

46563 I have no Idea what sim card I have. Oh for the days of land lines when I could pick up the phone and make a call.

I was told that my phone would be optimized for my area. Sheehs

Can you please look in the RW app on your phone and let us know you SIM type?
Settings - > About
and check what it says under
SIM Type

I am so sorry about being a pain. I DONT want to be a tech to make a call. You see there is no SIM type Under about phone

Not About Phone. Open the Republic App, then hit the little gear at the top and then About. You’ll see SIM Type there.

CDMA (CSIM0 Glad toilets are not manufactured by CELL PHONE companies

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