Our SIM card does not have coverage inXXX

I have been a user of Republic since beta testing and have never had any trouble with coverage. I have been using a Moto G4 for over 2 years and have not had any problem with coverage. I purchased an unlocked Moto G6 on sale before Republic put theirs on sale. When I went to purchase the SIM card kit, I got the message " Our SIM card does not have coverage in XXX" . Can I switch my current SIM card from my G4 to the new G6 or should I return the phone I purchase and buy the one on sale, if it still is, from Republic?


Issue Description

All BYOD need to be activated on the GSM partner before a replacement CDMA SIM can be sent out [the CDMA some in the Moto G4 is a different type than the CDMA SIM the G6 uses [cSIM vs iSIM], so it will not be able to transfer over [also note changing phones by swapping SIMs is a GSM feature]
Order a BYOD SIM [even though it does not have coverage on your area] and activate it then open a ticket and request a CDMA SIM card.

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