Our spam call blocking feature keeps getting better

One of the greatest features we offer with our My Choice plan is the ability to block spam calls directly from the Republic Wireless app. With the problem of spam calls continuing to get worse for smartphone users (our members being no exception), we continue to improve and innovate on this feature to the best of our abilities. The need to develop this in the first place originated from recognizing our ability to make a significant difference for you - our members.

We wanted to discuss some exciting behind-the-scenes updates our engineers have made to this great feature that have resulted in more blocked calls. When blocking spam calls to your phone, there are a few ways we can do this depending on where the call is coming from and how it’s actually getting to your phone. What we have done is expanded how we are blocking these calls, therefore making an even larger impact on decreasing that call volume. As we looked into some of the early results from this recent adjustment, we have seen an impressive outcome of 10-20% more calls being blocked! That may sound like a small percentage on the surface, but we count any additional blocked spam calls as a win.

This recent improvement has blocked 57 spam calls for one of our members in the last 3 weeks alone. That’s a huge accomplishment in our books, and exactly why we will continue to innovate in this space.

So, I wanted to open this up for discussion and feedback. I would like to pose a few questions regarding this feature.

  1. Have you noticed a difference in the amount of spam calls you’ve received after turning on our spam call blocking feature? If so, how would you describe your experience?

  2. In the past month or so, have you noticed those calls decreasing even more so than before?

  3. If you have specific feedback related to improving or making changes to this feature, what would you recommend?

  4. Do you have any additional tips to share regarding spam calls? If so, please feel free to share them here!

If you’re a My Choice member, and have not already been taking advantage of this great feature, here is how you can start blocking spam calls today.


OMG!!! How did I miss this feature?!?! Thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to see my results.


Happy I could bring this great feature to your attention! We have a feeling you’ll see some great results :slight_smile:


Here is the expanded link to the Help Support Notes on Spam Blocking


Sadly this does not to work for my mother…who gets daily calls from robo things. All with a number near identical to her own, or it is Private Caller.

I have no idea if RWs spam blocker does anything for me…I don’t spam calls that often.
They seem to come in waves. I will have a week of almost daily spam robo calls, then nothing for over a month. Same thing happens, same week even, to my works 2nd line, that we dont ever use and number is not published.

Would be nice to see a counter in the RW app for number of Spam calls they reportedly blocked for me.


Thank you for working on this very annoying problem.
Your questions:

  1. I still get 4-5 spam calls a day with the blocking feature enabled. Seems to be the same as before, but the spam call volume has been increasing, so maybe more are getting blocked. Who knows.
  2. About the same as previous months.
  3. Suggested improvement: Some feedback would be nice. For example a notation on the account log when a spam call is blocked and the purported caller ID.

A more complicated system would be a call screener. If the caller is not in my contact list, the call would go to a voice message that requires the caller to type or say a numeric response. For example: “if you are not a robo caller press 5 to continue” . I would record the message and select the responses. This would eliminate the vast majority of automated calls and give my friends a polite way of ringing in.

  1. I probably get more robo calls than most because I have my home landline and private office lines forwarded to my RW number. I don’t know if the RW blocking feature handles these forwarded calls the same way as with a single line. I hope it does.

I’ve usually found that the caller will hang up when I answer with “who’s calling?” rather than a “hello.” I don’t know how sophisticated their robo systems are but if they are analysing the response, I figure that this might thwart the call.

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Picking up a Spam call and launching an angry tirade about asking them to stop calling you will get you nowhere. So consider alternatives such as this spam blocking feature from RW or elsewhere.

I have pretty much stopped answering calls unless they are from my contacts or numbers I can recognize.

The spam blocking has one drawback… it blocks numbers that are marked as private or restricted.
I recently had to get my gas meter replaced as per state law and the gas company operators use numbers that are marked as restricted…so unfortunately, I missed my call ahead call…and they concluded that I wasn’t available for my appointment. Cost me an evening of wasted time waiting for the technician and re-scheduling of the appointment. So, just something to aware of while using spam blocking.

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That already exits in Pixel phones and is making its way to select other model phones eventually.
It does not work with Republic sadly when u are on wifi. Bug/issue on Google’s side and nothing RW can do to fix it.

Second, call screening often makes Spam calls worse as any answering those calls band making any noise like Hello? marks the number as active on the spammers side.

If u must answer an unknown caller, often robo, be totally silent for at least 5 secs(u can put phone on mute). If robo,automated or spammer, system thinks that number is bad, and will disconnect and move on. If real person wanting to talk to u, they will be all like Hello, hello etc. Trick my boss told me.


I send all calls from numbers I don’t recognize to voicemail. Been doing that long enough that I currently average getting only 2 or 3 such calls a week. And some of those could just be wrong number.

Lolz. Even my home phone (a Google voice) to which ONLY 3 people have this number that actually call it…gets spam calls.


The IRS will NEVER call u!

The RW Spam call blocking feature actually doesn’t block calling line identification restriction (CLIR) calls. I just tested it and the number shows up as Private number, so there was something else going on I suspect.


Thank you for checking into this!

The gas meters are replaced once every 7 years…this was the only instance where I ran into an issue… so I have no means of replicating it at this time. But I will keep an eye on it and report back if I gather any additional info.

Just a quick follow-up… I enabled this feature a couple days ago when I first saw this post (and just double-checked that it is indeed enabled). I’ve seen zero difference in the number of spam calls I receive. I don’t know if it takes time for the feature to learn which of my calls are spam, or what. I agree with the other comments in this thread that it would be nice to be able to see how many calls are blocked.

been blocking much better. Very few get through I assume as it’s not ringing nearly as much. I was about to change my settings to only allow calls in my contact list; but this is a problem as businesses have many numbers to call from. So now, if I don’t recognize the name/number, I swipe to answer, then immediately swipe to hang up; so they can’t leave a voicemail. If it’s important, they will call back and I will answer the second time. Thank you RW for addressing this huge problem.


Will this work for spam Texts as well?? I’ve been getting a ridiculous amount of those lately.
Thank you for the feature!!

I’ve had this feature turned on for some time now. It doesn’t appear to have reduced the the number of daily spam calls received.

On my Samsung S7 I’ve got RW’s and Samsung’s call blocking working for me. I’ve had 2 spam calls today which is typical. One spam caller trying to sell me an extended warranty on my car spoofs different numbers with each call. I know it is the same spammer because the voice mail message is always the same.

On my S7 the Samsung call blocking is stymied by a bug which results in blocked calls ringing on my home phone system through my X-Link adapter. I hear 2 rings before their system sends the call to voicemail.

I enabled the blocking feature when you released it and I still get on average 3-5 spam calls a day. Sad to report - it hasn’t slowed anything down - oh gotta go - here is another spam calling me now.

Sadly, still receiving spam calls. :frowning: And wondering why if I have blocked a number why it still allows voicemails from this number? That is very frustrating and does not make sense.

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I haven’t noticed a reduction in spam calls – still 10-15 calls per day.

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