Out of Curiosity, What Landline Phone Are You Using For the Extend Home Beta?

This is a tangentially relevant question/thread, but I was amused to find myself digging out a mid-90’s Southwestern Bell Freedom Phone (FM2552) that had somehow stayed tucked away in a box after years of no landline! My 14 year old daughter had no idea what to do to answer a call when it rang last night as I was testing functionality!

Made me wonder, are there any here using an antique phone, or other peculiar model? Would be a nice trip down memory lane…


Not an antique but the old Panasonic KX-T2315 Desk Phone is showing it’s age…like some of us :man_white_haired:


Oh, I’m using one even older than that! Probably 70s vintage push button Western Electric phone. :smiley:

This isn’t a pic of mine, but it’s the same model: image


AT&T Trimline in classic blue, upstairs. (Boring!) The handset weighs in at 10.9 ounces! No caller ID. It inhabited my kitchen throughout the '80s and '90s.

Now, if we could use pulse dialing, I’d be in the market for something like this, which I’ve wanted since I was a child:

Hey @TriadNCDD, do you recognize that thing on the top shelf?


Loving these phones!

I’m not sure I know about the pig, it looks significant! :pig:

Well, nudge our friend Sean to include the HT801’s pulse dialing capability in Republic’s configuration. :wink:


I am using a new Panasonic KX-TG833 Blue Tooth enabled (without the Blue Tooth set up) phone purchased at Costco.

The big problems with this model is nobody says “number please” when I turn the crank. It worked fine when I was a kid.



It’s a Pigs in the City replica piggy bank! Have you never been to Lexington for some world-famous barbecue?

I thought for sure with your TriadNCDD username and Cheerwine avatar you’d recognize Pigasso right away!

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The Incrediphone!!!

I replaced it with a VTech CS6114 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone. It’s a little easier to use.


My transplant status is showing! :smile: Only here since 2008, and prefer Memphis style Bbq :grin:


I am using a 90s era Sony corded phone. Found the above photo on eBay on a listing titled "vintage Sony phone. (Hope the photo loaded ok,)
No caller ID. Needed a separate one back in those days. Still works great. Lasted longer than all the cordless phones I used to have.

Fun question!

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@rolandh, I’ve been sent a great workaround by @ejlane!


So, one of those and one of these and Alexa can dial via a rotary phone?

For others reading, please note I haven’t tried it and am not necessarily suggesting y’all should!

I bought a phone. VTech CS6114. I wish I had my old Mickey mouse one! I want to go thrifting and look for a more fun phone.

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Uniden D1685 base with answering system, speakerphone and cordless handset. Has been sitting on my table/desk by computer for years, had been using as landline and then just as a receiver for IB calls on my DSL line since canceling the phone service. Handset battery was nearly useless, ordered, received and installed new replacement battery pack from Amazon.


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I’m using a Vtech CS6419. Definitely not as fun as some in this thread! But it’s working great, so can’t complain.

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Every has such fun phones at home.

Since I never really needed land line being the millennial that I am, I got myself a Bluetooth connected cordless phone system when I was living on my own at school in a shared apartment. That way, I can keep my phone next to the base while it charged and have a phone in every room that mattered (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc)

Also, being the Costco shopper I am, I got whatever they had. This one isn’t the exact model but it looks close enough:


For testing purposes, I’ve mostly been using a Vtech CS5111 handset:

I’ve attempted, so far, unsucessfully to proxy the Extend Home ATA to my OBi 1062 IP Phone:

The OBi 1062 was acquired when participating in a previous beta for Republic’s former and now defunct sister service RingTo. With the Web GUI locked down on the Extend Home ATA, I expect further attempts to connect them will be unsuccessful. :frowning_face: I do, however, understand the support need for the lockdown. I could use one of these to connect:

It is, however, a discontinued and difficult to find product and I’m hesitant on making the purchase. Instead I’m leaning toward this presuming the Extend Home ATA becomes a shipping product:


I’m currently using this:

But if the product becomes a production product I’ll probably upgrade to this as I’m hoping it’ll interface with the ATA better.


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