Out of Data after only 4 days

I typically use very little cell data but found myself in a situation in which I opened the Google Photos app and neglected to close it, even though it was no longer displayed. Apparently downloading about 11,000 thumbnails ran me out of the 1Gb of LTE data that I do purchase monthly. A lot of the discounted carriers (some even cheaper than RW) offer a fall back to 2G once your data runs out. It’s tempting me to switch to one of those other resellers so even when I’m out of data, I can still check an email or two or use the grocery store app to find an item…not just get a notice that I can’t use data at all. It’s something that RW really needs to look in to.


There is already a few threads in discussion of such data suggestions.
They are not likely to be implemented as that would break the model they currently have and data would be far more expensive. In the past plans, data cost $15 per GB, now it is $5. Very low price, considering most competitors are $10+ per GB.


There is a “Data Stretch” feature that is “coming soon” to the R.W. app that I assume is some sort of thing that will cap you data speeds very slow.

I would check to make sure that Google Photos is set to only backup your pics and videos on wifi only. And that YouTube is set to only stream HD video on wifi.

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