Out of stock--can I order anyway?


You all have been so nice in answering my questions over the last month. I would like to switch to RW. Finally got paid so went to order this morning, only to see that the phone is out of stock. I’m not concerned about the sales price. Am I able to order anyway? If so, how? I was looking at tthe Moto play, the $150 phone. I have a dumb flip phone from 2006 right now so I don’t need something really fancy.


looks like Republic may be out of stock for good

if you can wait a week there will be the Moto E4 with similar specs


So I can’t get the G4 play on back order? Again, not concerned about saving the $10. But since I’m only going to get the $15 plan, the least fancy phone would seem to serve my purpose…


It says the Moto E4 is not optimized for my area.


Back order is assuming that the phone will be restocked and that Motorola/Lenovo will make more the way I see @southpaw remark is that Republic is not going to carry (may not be able to get more) and this sale was clear out to make room for newer phones like the Moto E4 this model is last year and even Moto Maker is out of stock

ok this mean the GSM partner carrier {T-Mobile} is not a good fit for your area and you need a phone on the CDMA partner {Sprint},
currently the cheapest phone for the Sprint network are the Moto G4, ($199) and the Moto G5 Plus ($229-$299) (note the Moto E4 will be able to move to CDMA later this year just not a launch )
Moto G4 White
Moto G5 Plus Fine Gold
Moto G5 Plus Lunar Gery

you can always open a help ticket to see if there are other options

Doug (a Republic customer and not an Republic employee)


Hi @carolb.atceqc,

The Moto G4 Play is out of stock and will not be restocked, so there is no option to order it. If you can find the same model from a third party, you could bring it to our service.

I’ve also DMed you with an additional idea.


Hi @carolb.atceqc,

Based on demand, we have been able to make a limited quantity of the black G4 Play available again in the store.


I responded to your other message (what does DM stand for?) and then I saw that you had obtained a few more of the G4 Play.

I’m trying to order the Play, but I’m running into a little problem–I get a message that says, Something went wrong. Please wait a moment and try again.

I’ve waited a couple of moments but I still can’t continue with the order page. Did I miss the second batch?
I’ll keep waiting more moments and come back in the next 30 minutes and try again.

Technology and I don’t mix so this actually does not surprise me that I am having a “something went wrong” messages given to me.


Hi @carolb.atceqc!

DM = Direct Message . I wondered about that too at one point ;). I just added it to my card and went all the way to the “Place My Order” button. Try hitting “F5” on your keyboard and go through the checkout again.



F5 did something. I can data enter. Thanks. Let’s see how far I can go!


Ok, great! F5 forces the page to refresh itself.


And I made it all the way through! I didn’t see the accessories page, but that is just fine. I’m happy not to have had the temptation, and I’m looking forward to joining the RW community.

Thanks, RW, for locating some more Moto G4 Plays. My hope is that since it is a basic one, my problems with technology won’t be too bad. (You don’t want to see the chaos I create with the Xerox machine at work. And seriously, I did not mean to print that 100 pages yesterday.)


Hey, I feel you! I printed over 20 labels at my workplace before when I need just 2! Those machines are hard to use-and those printers…don’t get me started on that! The wireless ones are the worst. Anyway, I look forward to seeing you in the community and hope you enjoy your new phone! As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!



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