Out-of-stock phones


The Samsung Galaxy J3 is out of stock. Will the stock be replenished, and if so, approximately when? Thanks very much.


Hi @samd,

I’m uncertain as to whether Republic will restock Samsung’s Galaxy J3 or not. It is a year-old phone due for a manufacturer’s refresh soon. Samsung is still selling it on its’ website. Whether purchased there or from another third-party retailer, please be certain to get SM-J320AZKAXAR (black) or
SM-J320AZWAXAR (white).

You’ll then need to acquire a bring your own phone SIM from Republic or Amazon.

I do suggest verifying coverage first: 4G LTE + WiFi for the Best Cell Phone Coverage | Republic Wireless. More on that:


Much appreciated, Roland!!


Who would know? RW should have a store/marketing policy & procedure in place to address the uncertainty. Phones should be removed from the Shop Phone area as quickly as possible if additional phones will not be available or it’s questionable. Easy to add back if phones should become available again. If available from known good source, ordered and on the way the option to Backorder may be appropriate to indicate it’s temporarily out of stock.


I presume a Republic staffer might know whether a particular phone will be restocked or not. I’m also reasonably confident, Republic has a procedure in place regarding removal of phones from its’ store. After all, other phones once sold but no longer available have been removed. I’m also cognizant of the fact this is a holiday weekend and things that might otherwise happen more quickly can be slightly delayed.

Regarding how easy it would be to add back a phone once removed from the store, I’ve never designed an e-commerce site of any significance, so I won’t go there.


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