Out of stock phones

It’s great to see the phones that can’t be purchased because they’re out of stock listed with other phones for sale. I always like to know what I could have bought if it were available.

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a lot of the phones that are sold out were limited run clear out of “B-Stock” (they probable had less than 100 of the phones to begin with) (the sale was called the Spring Stock out sale) image
sometimes a phone will go out of stock but come back as potential orders don’t get ordered (someone put it in their cart but removed it of never checked out)
it can take time to remove a phone from the sale page after the phone sells out

Hi @williamk.n8bwv9,

Welcome to our Member Community and thanks for the feedback!

As @drm186 mentioned, we don’t usually have so many out of stock phones, but with the Stock-out Sale in progress, inventory has been flying off the shelves. If we were to remove those phones from the store immediately upon stock-out, then anyone who clicks the links in that E-mail would get an error page, and that would be confusing. Our website developers are looking into adding a filter that could let you show only available phones, to cut down on some of the clutter.

Was there a particular phone that interested you, and then disappointed you by its unavailability?


SP, i was interested in the MotoG5+ and was complaining only b/c it sold out from the time i saw it til i posted in the community asking for advice. No big deal, as i’m now looking at Moto X (4th Gen.) for $199 on Amazon, thanks to a recommendation from one of your Expert Customers.

I think the X4 at that price, new with a manufacturer’s warranty is an excellent choice, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. If you decide to get it, may we send you a (customer-returned, like-new) Incipio NGP Pure case to protect it?

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I goofed. It’s actually $119! Even better, huh?
I’m interested in the case. What’s the cost and how does it compare to Spigen?
Also, your C.E. said i need to get a new SIM card and would have to get a new plan too. I’m debating trying T-Mobile.

I was just about to recommend the Amazon Moto X4 in your other thread, I looked at your posted zip codes and think a GSM would work better [the northern California zip looks to be roaming on CDMA]
Amazon does has the Republic wireless GSM BYOD SIM for $5 prime
Republic Wireless Bring Your Own Phone SIM Card Kit With 3-in-1 SIM for Prepaid – No Contract Cell Phone Service – Plans Start at $15 Per Month – Add 4G LTE Data for $5 per GB https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01J63NYAO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_V5H3Cb76WG4C2

I had seen it recently on Amazon for $149 and wondered why it had gone up! At that price, get two!!

This is the case I have available: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0778Z3DPS, you can read the reviews. I am not familiar with the Spigen case.

I was offering to send this to you as our gift, at no cost to you, as sort of a “welcome to your upgrade” gift. I do hope you’ll consider staying with Republic Wireless.

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Well, i’ll accept Your kind gift, SP. Thank you.

DRM, does that mean i go with T-Mobile with that SIM care you recommended?

SP, the reviews are indeed good. You’ve convinced me to get the MotoX4, and i’ll definitely stay with R.W.
You’re a great Community Manager!


Yes the BYOD SIM on Amazon is GSM [which T-Mobile is the carrier partner]

Dude. Are you being sarcastic?

My son needed to replace his Moto E4 and last Thursday evening we were looking at what was available and they had a precertified Samsung S8 for $329.00. He was pretty excited and ordered it. Today I looked just for the heck of it and there was a whole list of sold-out precertified phones. I don’t think I ever got any sort of email notice stating they were going to have them available. Was there such a notification that went out?

an marketing email went out on May 6th

Hi @Stuckin79,

Generally, Republic does not send marketing emails to the entire member base. One must opt in and may do so here: https://republicwireless.com/. You’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the page until you see " Sign up to hear the latest news and offers."


Here it is September and I seeing the same thing, lots of phones out of stock. Bit disappointed Republic.

Is there any particular phone you are interested in? Most of these phones are available at 3rd party retailers for similar or sometimes better value. If you are unsure, please post a listing over here and we can review it for you and let you know if the phone is compatible with RW…you should also take a look at this excellent document by fellow RW member to help you make a more informed choice.

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Last phone we bought third party did not work. We had talked to tech support with model/esn # and they were sure it would work…it did not. Not going to make the mistake and go thru the hassle if it doesn’t work. If I buy from Republic it better work.

I’m sorry you did not have a good experience buying through third party. I have bought several phones from multiple sources including Motorola website, Amazon, B&H and Best Buy brick and mortar store and have had no issues activating them on RW. The key is to get North American Factory Unlocked version.

Given your past experience, I can understand your trepidation, but if you change your mind…do let us know if any particular phone interests you and the community should be able to help you out in determining if it is compatible.

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