Out of Stock _ will it be back?

I have been struggling to justify buying a new phone. My Moto E4 Plus has been having to be restarted daily due to freezing. I’ve finally had enough and went to the RW store to buy a Motorola G Power. I’ve been eying that one for quite a while. So I go to “bite the bullet” and it’s “out of stock”. It’s OK, I understand, this ain’t no never, never land.
My question is will it likely be back in stock or should I go shopping at Motorola or Best Buy (same price - but I have to buy an RW sim card)?

Hi @stepheng.8qqxgt The most recent information that’s available shows the phone coming back in stock on 7/29. Please do note though that because of Covid related supply constraints all manufacturers, including Motorola, have had a not great track record of hitting resupply dates on the nose. So, I would say, hope for 7/29, but it could be a bit after that.

That said, it’s just as good to buy it directly from Motorola, and you may be able to move your SIM card from the old phone. You can tell this by opening the Republic App, click the little gear at the top, then About and if the SIM Type is GSM, then it can be moved so getting it from Motorola would be quite simple.


Thanks. I checked and it is GSM. I guess I will do that.

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