Out of the country cell service - Additional Charges/Local SIM


I will be out of the country in the Caribbean for about 10 days, I am trying to find out if I will have cell service. Also, if I do have cell service, will there be any additional charges being out of the country?
I understand that I can use my phone normally on WiFi but I know that I will only have WiFi certain places and not everywhere I am going, would love cell service for safety reasons.
If I will not have any cell service is there any way I can use an international SIM card or buy a local one ahead of time to have service? Also, how would that work?

For reference I am on the CDMA system.


What phone you have would determine if you can use a local SIM.
If you have any of the My Choice unlocked phones, you should be able to use a Local SIM.
If you have the old Legacy (Refund) phone models, those can not and only will work on unrestricted wifi.

Republic does not offer any International Cell service.
Also, if you are CDMA, that is America only, so you will get errors and will need to get a GSM local sim.

Here is some info:


I have a Moto X Pure.
How would I attain a local SIM and get it to work? I’m confused about what network I would be using at that point.


The Moto X Pure should support a local GSM SIM.

I assume you would purchase a local SIM once you get to that country you are going to.
(I have never traveled international, so I don’t really know more than what R.W.'s help articles say)


Local (in country) SIMs are typically available at airport kiosks upon your arrival. You do mention travel in the Caribbean but don’t reference a specific country or territory. With more specifics, we might provide better advice.

You would alternate between Republic service on WiFi and local cellular service by swapping SIMs into your Moto X Pure. Please be careful to place your phone in Airplane mode when swapping SIMs. I outline this in the Community article referenced in a previous post. The specific section is here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

When the local SIM is resident in your phone, you would be using their cellular network rather than Republic service.


Thank you! This was very helpful! For more reference I will be traveling to St. Kitts and Nevis.
If you have any other insights or recommendations I would love to hear them.
Thanks again!


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