Outage affecting calling, texting, voicemail, Anywhere, activation (11/29/2018)


Yep. Same minor problem in both Minnesota and North Dakota.


Likewise, not working on my phone. Uninstalled, re-installed, same issue. There must be an outage.


I love how they call it a “minor outage”.

It’s all outgoing calls and texting…and for me, weirdly, only half of my apps are working on my phone!

Wonder what a major outage would look like?


Same problem here in Utah. Messaging app doesn’t work. Republic app doesn’t work. I tried to refresh my activation by dialing VOIP on keypad but it says my phone isn’t registered to my account. Definitely an outage. Trying to find a way to get in touch with my fiance in Chicago to see if her phone is working.


Down again in Butler PA. Just a MINOR outage they say that spans across the whole country. :confused:


not working for me in Washington State.


UGH I rarely make any calls ever. Now I can’t call out or receive calls.


Same here. When I try to open some of my apps, they go to the not enrolled screen


The Status page shows it’s been escalated to a major outage now.


What phone do you have?
Motorola G5Plus
What plan are you on?
My Choice Talk & Text
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Just Talk & Text for now

Issue Description

Hi - I’ve been on RW for a long time. I just updated my Moto G5 Plus to the latest Android update (8.1.0 version OPSS28.85-17-2 Security patch level October 1, 2018) - and now my phone went into “Not activated on Republic” mode and the green “Your activation is underway” screen has been going for some time.

This morning I also changed my Call blocking setting to “Block all spam and voicemails” since that is now available.

Other than those things, I’ve not done anything else today that should have changed anything about my phone.

What happened? Why am I seeing this weird activation behavior?

Any help with this would be appreciated.


Republic is currently experiencing an outage which seems to be impacting numerous things including calling, texting, the use of Anywhere, and making changes like enabling the spam setting and adding data. You can follow the status at http://status.republicwireless.com Your issue is likely a result of this issue and won’t resolve until the outage does.


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I’m experiencing everything listed in the original post.


Service is completely DEAD across the board. I’ve been on RW for a while but this is really unacceptable.


Same, @Burusutazu!

Also thanks to @southpaw for merging these threads for continuity!


Some engineer likely screwed up huge pushing an update to the software. Come on guys. Whatever caused this, you need to have a way to revert or change to other servers on the fly. This affects people’s lives negatively.


I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but with texts/calls not sending/connecting properly half the time on the Anywhere app (without any way to use the stock Android messaging app) and this service outage, I might need to find something better for my fiance and I.


Yeah this is the nail in the coffin. Unacceptable.


Ugh, this is bad. My wife is having total outage on her phone, and is really upset about not being able to make necessary calls & texts. We’ve been a RW subscriber since 2011, and I don’t recall any outage like this.


Hi @allenw.48fcib,

Although the timing is coincidental, the outage is not related to any recent update. Our engineers are aware of the root cause of the issue and work is underway to solve the outage.