Outage affecting calling, texting, voicemail, Anywhere, activation (11/29/2018)


Thanks Southpaw, I was wondering what was happening. I’ll just keep calm now. Glad I checked here.


OK, how do I get Anywhere back? The latest Republic Wireless app upgrade killed Anywhere, and there are no indicators of how to get it back


Republic is currently experiencing an outage which seems to be impacting numerous things including calling, texting, the use of Anywhere, and making changes like enabling the spam setting and adding data. You can follow the status at http://status.republicwireless.com


Hi @southpaw
Do you think you guys could share (even a little) what was a root cause of the issue? For me it would make me feel better to understand what the problem actually is, even it I wouldn’t fully understand it. For others… I don’t know.



I’d stay if I could use the stock messaging app. But to force me to use the Republic app… Which, and I currently work in software development, is a terrible app as far as functionality goes.


What does a Republic outage have to do with my PHONE? Without trying to message anyone, the APP says ‘not enrolled’ - so I can’t view previous messages - some of which have info I NEED. The upgrade did something to the apps currently on my phone.


The stock messaging app won’t WORK with Republic - it tells me so and refuses to send any messages that were initiated with that app.


Well, if Republic can’t talk to your phone then it can’t transmit data back and forth. Pretty straightforward…


What amazes me is how ■■■■ poor SMS apps are across the board for carriers… Part of it has to do with SMS as a protocol and being a total ■■■■ technology. The other is companies refuse to pay decent money for engineers to build and maintain a quality application. Case in point - republicwireless.


Hi @christopherl.albdmz,

The messages app by Google is also supported. I believe there are other third-party apps that will work, though our help team is not able to support them when there are issues.


The outage us effecting texts that one reason the phone not sending messages

The default Samsung messages does not support Republic IP based texting and is why the Republic app is suggesting to use the Republic Anywhere texting app, there is also the messages by Google app that works on Republic [some third party apps that supports the newer system API will also work]


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into that when our phones are back up. Sorry to pile onto the stress!


Hi @debraw.axxxft,

I want you to understand that no update your phone has received caused the issues. This is important to understand because I don’t want you wasting time trying to roll back or uninstall an update when it is not related to the current issue.


Crazy the different effects experienced. On cell I can do nothing. On wifi I can send and receive text only. RW app told me to log in. Then told me this device isn’t linked to my account. Lost an hour of work not able to call someone then try to troubleshoot this. FAIL Just might be enough to seriously consider other options. I thought worst case scenario would be cell down, but can still do voip or vice versa. Or at least contacted somehow and notified a time frame, not just left to panic ignorantly.


Hi @justin80,

We posted an alert on our status page the moment we became aware of the outage, and we are working on an E-mail notifying members at this time.

I’m very sorry to read the outage impacted your work. This is something we are taking very seriously and are doing everything we can to restore service as quickly as possible.


The data should be ON my phone, and this is ridiculous. My husband, who I talked into joining Republic uses his phone for work - I do mean USES, it is how he gets work orders and so forth. And now he can’t do his job. Unacceptable.


That’s simply not how it works. Your phone cannot store all the data necessary to transmit messages/make calls. Nor would it be near powerful enough to push that signal far enough.


NOTHING works. Data, cell, SMS - even on WiFi. The entire thing is down. Since this is my only way to get help if needed, I’m toast.


Yep. That’s what happens when things go down like this. If you need something even more reliable, then look into sat phones.


I can see messages (from before Anywhere) on the native app, so why aren’t the Anywhere messages there?