Outage affecting calling, texting, voicemail, Anywhere, activation (11/29/2018)


Because your phone doesn’t dual sync the messages between the two apps.


Thanks for the flow of info and for keeping us updated, southpaw. While I join others in curiosity as to what the root issue actually is, I am reminded of years ago when I would not even turn on my phone until after 7pm, the magic hour each day when talk minutes became “free” from my carrier.
I suppose us RW subscribers will survive without our phones for a few hours…

Standing by,


Or back to Sprint, AT&T, land line, etc.


Crazy, this somehow impacts Google Voice when it is connected to a Republic Wireless account. My Google Voice landline (Obi200) now hangs up within a minute in the middle of a call, even when my Republic cell is turned off.


In reality, every phone service provider is subject to an occasional outage. All it takes is a careless contractor to dig up a critical fiberoptic cable and, boom… service goes out to hundreds of thousands of people for hours.


If I could afford a Sat phone, why on earth would I have signed up with Republic?


Beats me.


UGH I have been hit by the RW outage bug! Cannot make any outgoing calls - Line busy it shows…ofcourse the person I am calling also has RW and guess what…they can’t call me :rofl:

Update - texting sends but is not received on either end of again two RW phones

East Coast has been hit with the outage…


Am I too early for “Stop unwanted calls with our improved spam call-blocking feature” on my phone?
I did what the email said but my phone read “Unable to configure setting.”


Hi @robertv.3btcvg,

I wouldn’t be surprised if the ability to toggle the feature is being impacted by a current system outage. You can follow that here: https://status.republicwireless.com.


There is currently an outage that may be affecting this feature. Stand by…


This happens to all cell phone services - just happens less often with RW, we all should be grateful for that simple fact.



Incident Update: We have identified the root cause of this issue to be an outage with a partner system. Our engineering team is working with the partner to develop a fix. We apologize for the inconvenience that this is causing, and we will be sure to update here as soon as we have more information.

Posted less than a minute ago. Nov 29, 2018 - 16:15 EST


Mine is up and working. I got the “Your phone needs Activation” message and I signed in and rebooted. Now it’s working for me.


I’m back up and working.


It’s sadly not surprising when an update gets pushed, it crashes service. Was there no testing before sending this out? Honestly with all the workers in tech making as much money as they do, why is it most updates to any service, app, website or otherwise cause more hassle than the supposed fix the update was for?


Service back up in Eastern NC. Yay!


It’s not related to any updates.


Andrew, the problem was a service outage, not the update.


The short answer, technology is complicated.

The long answer? Society has been advancing (technologically speaking) so fast, that when new systems are developed and put in place, they are built on other systems that were put in place just as fast. Ever heard a medical professional say that they are amazed anyone gets out of a hospital alive? Well, as a technology professional, I’m amazed we can even do what we do with mobile phones, the internet, etc. A lot of technology is cobbled together and quite questionable.