Outage affecting calling, texting, voicemail, Anywhere, activation (11/29/2018)


Outage – no more RW phone for me – now can’t even get to outage page


Everything is back up for me, and I want to thank RW for fixing it so promptly. All it took was a reboot of my phone. I would say that most carriers have temporary outages like this on occasion. This is my first, and I’ve been with RW for about eight years.


Works again, great!!!

Never seen this before at home “Calls over cell, messages and data over WiFi” maybe just a temporary fix to get the
subscribers reachable again.

Anyways, thanks!


Christopher, except in most cases I’m referring to, the app, service, website etc is functioning perfectly fine as is. The update that is pushed doesn’t change the base function of the application. Surface changes are made which are mostly unneeded.

As a maintenance professional, for reliability of equipment, you don’t put your hands into a machine and tinker when you don’t have to. With the excessive updates today, the tech mindset seems to be let’s see how I can change this in a minor way that ends up more of a headache.


Can’t use Anywhere, says I’m not enrolled. Powered off and reconnected wifi and uninstalled and reinstalled still not working…any ideas


There’s an system outage effecting this calling, texting and other features https://status.republicwireless.com/incidents/bnr8tghf4nn6


THANKS!!! It just started working…thank you


Hello when I set these settings just hour ago …now phone became unusable … i can not make or receive calls any more …and even text messages …Now the settings is disabled … it is drastic stupid bug

How to Stop Unwanted Spam Calls

what is the solution …Should I sue you guys


prashanthag, this was a service outage. It started around 2 pm Eastern time. Should now be working, or will be soon. Just got my service back in Eastern NC.


Not yet resolved. http://status.republicwireless.com


Anywhere still down for me so it’s not fully over


X4 user here, I had the same issue. I rebooted my phone. Went back into the Republic app , hit the gear, and yep grayed out. I closed the app, went back into it, and it was able to be activated? So I just activated it now. I really hope this works. I am tired of the same calls every day, and they leave the same recorded message every day, sometimes several times!


@southpaw is there any word on whether we should expect that SMS/MMS sent during the outage will be lost or whether they’re queued up somewhere that’s not affected by the outage?


Can’t go suing everyone over a simple outage - it happens to all cellular companies and cable/internet etc. Its life, modern technology/communications - welcome to the new modern world enjoy a few hiccups along the way



Engineers are telling me that they do see some text messages queuing for delivery, however, they feel certain some messages were lost.


East coast back online phone and texting


Thanks for the update! I just was able to reconnect to Anywhere on a phone and a computer after seeing the latest update on the status page. I believe I did have some dropped messages based on what I’m seeing on a re-sync vs what people were contacting me about through other channels during the outage.


Just got my back on line status page is also saying fixed and monitoring


My devices show texting as being back online and while calling over cell works, I don’t have a solid arc/calls over WiFi. Guessing that’s related to the outage.