Outage affecting calling, texting, voicemail, Anywhere, activation (11/29/2018)


Have you rebooted since the outage?


Moto Z3, Base plan includes data.

Anywhere app is giving me the “Not Enrolled” screen. I have rebooted my phone multiple times. Anywhere is set as my default messaging app and my phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

I then switched the default app to the motorola texting app and deleted Anywhere, Rebooted. Reinstalled Anywhere, rebooted then set Anywhere back as default. I still get “Not Enrolled”

Please help!

Thank you.


There has been an outage of some of the Republic services, most if not all have been restored


You may need to reboot the phone [I had to]


I have rebooted several times with no resolution to the problem. Guess I will wait to see if it is an outage problem. Thank you for your kind responses!


Or actually a little spotty still phone conversations


@southpaw yep I’ve rebooted 2 or 3 times since the outage, no solid arc. This is on a wifi connection that is working for data otherwise, and where I normally get a solid arc and good wifi call quality every day.


Moto G5. Calls in Wifi say no service, calls on cell coverage only have busy tone. I could make calls at 2pm, but at 330 this problem appeared. had phone for about 6 months. switched to a CDMA sim card about 2 weeks ago and this is the first problem since.

Issue Description


I have seen the common fix of changing caller ID settings and I cannot do that because under call settings I ONLY have 2 options (Calling Accounts and Voicemail.)


There’s been a service outage, which started around 2 , it looks to be mostly over I would reboot and see if this restores your service


I was still able to text though, is that normal?


Yes, normal. While they are fixing the problem, there is no normal, and that’s normal. :wink:


Aaaaand the issue is back. No calls or texting again on phone or in Anywhere on the computer.


Things seem to be mostly back up right now; however, Anywhere on my PC isn’t working. On my phone, I’m pretty sure that there are some texts that were sent during the outage that aren’t showing up.

Just adding in case this helps someone…


Hi southpaw,
I thought service was back but after getting home and trying to make a call (via wifi calling… i have almost no cell service here in sf so I must use wifi calling)
I see on the update board that they think the problem was resolved but I am still down for calls and texts.
(just to let them know)


Had service restored but now it’s back down.



I am also down for WIFI calling and texting


I am still currently down even after the fix. I momentarily had regained service but it has since failed again. I had done a reboot and forced shut off of the Republic app which did work temporarily but then alas back to total outage. Patience is a virtue and I’ll continue being patient but hopefully this gets resolved soon.


Phones are working again, but still getting the “not enrolled anywhere” for the Anywhere app on my Chromebook (I’m able to use android apps in beta mode). Not sure if I should uninstall and reinstall, or wait.