Outbound Call Failures, 2 beeps before all outbound calls now


In the last 2 days, i have spotty outbound call failures, mostly when on cell. New within the last couple days. Also new within the last couple days is 2 “beeps” prior to ringing on outbound calling. The 2 seem to be connected in issue timing. Anyone else getting the 2 “beeps” (or is it a know “feature” that was discussed elsewhere) and having outbound calling issues?

My Calls are WA state to WA state, so maybe their LCR carrier is a POS for WA?



Hi @sallyc.7ylccz,

I see your questions was posted 2 hours ago and has no “me too” chorus yet, and I’m not seeing an unusually high incidence of this kind of problem right now.

I see you have a support ticket open and it’s in excellent hands. Please let us know if there’s anything the Community can do to help you.


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