Outbound calls get "thank you for calling Republic Wireless" message


What phone do you have? Moto G5S Plus

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes data

Issue Description

Starting this morning (12/5/2018), when attempting to place outbound calls, I get an automated message saying “Thank you for calling Republic Wireless. Support is provided by…” but I cannot actually call anyone in my contacts list. This was working yesterday afternoon as of 4:30 PM, but I did apply updates last night. Have tried the following:

  1. Restarted the phone 4 times
  2. Uninstalled and reinstalled the Republic Wireless app (version, then restarted the phone again
  3. Entered *#*#8647#*#* per suggestion found here: Couldn't make cell calls or text this morn when I was not at home with wireless

I’m trying to get someone to try out my phone number now to see if I can receive incoming calls.

My phone isn't making any call outside wifi
Master ticket 1495619
Data not showing accurately
Can't make outgoing calls-says "person you are calling can't accept calls at this time: moto g5- 2gb left

Please open a ticket and in the ticket ask that your issue be reviewed as part of Master Ticket 1495619.


Hi @markg.i85yxg,

When you open your ticket, please include the description of the issue as you’ve described it here, as well.


Is there a way to see an update on the master ticket you mention? I’ve opened ticket 1542142 for my issue.


Hi @markg.i85yxg,

Master tickets are a tool our technicians use for various purposes:

  1. to be able to assess the impact of a situation
  2. to communicate quickly with everyone who has been identified
  3. to provide unified instructions to all help agents on how to address a specific issue

Master tickets are not publicly visible, but our agents will be in touch with you, as this is an issue that requires their attention rather than a fix you can enact on the phone itself.


Thanks for letting me know. I’ve copied and pasted my description from this thread into the ticket I opened.


@southpaw is there any update on what’s happening here? Not being able to send or receive calls is a major issue, and I haven’t heard anything in 3+ hours.

Given the existence of a master ticket this appears to be related to, I assume this is a common issue that a number of users are experiencing. Thanks.


I’m having the same issue since this morning. Same problems. I live in Dallas. I am also waiting on an open ticket response and am in a pressing situation that requires use of my phone.


Hi @markg.i85yxg,

I’m sorry, we’re experiencing an unusually high ticket volume due to various issues. I’ve asked someone to look into your ticket now.

@justinh.ml2mxj, I’m looking at yours now.


I am also having this issue, and when I submitted a ticket, it suddenly says “solved” with no information as to why the issue is happening, nor is the issue actually solved. No one discussed my issues with me. This is happening on both of my phones. I tried to create another ticket because it won’t let me reply to the original “solved” one. Please help me! I rely on my phone for work, and this is a VERY bad situation that I have had almost no phone access all day.


Hi @jonathan7147,

You have three tickets on the matter, so they are being merged together because we can only work one ticket on the issue.

I’ve finished merging all three into one, and an agent will be responding to you in https://republicwireless.com/account/tickets/detail/?ticket-id=1542270


Oh, only 2 of the tickets were the same. (Dealing with both phones). The ticket 3rd ticket you also merged is a different issue, I believe. One issue was that we couldn’t figure out our data usage, and were asking for help. The other 2 tickets were issues about what is going on here, where we try to make a call, and it takes us to the automated thing talking about support online. They were 2 different matters. Our most important one is this situation, however they were merged onto the one questioning our data.


The data situation appears to be tied to the calling situation - it’s an odd issue that has a variety of symptoms. If the fix Kaycee is going to do doesn’t clear up everything, just let her know.

I have to sign off, but will check on you later this evening.


Thank you! I think it was resolved.



Unable to make call unless on wifi. Get a republic wireless recording instead.


@jonathan7147 - it looks like Kaycee got everything squared away, right?


Hi @ralphb.vo9osc,

I’ll open a ticket on your behalf, so our Help team can assist you.


SO I also opened a ticket on this matter and it has not been resolved and it has been going on all day and I am not happy about it


Thank for you letting us know, @timothyb.15n56n. We’re working with the carrier partner to get this fixed globally for those affected, and until that happens, agents are manually solving, but we have a very high ticket volume due to some back-to-back issues, and it is taking us longer than normal to get to each ticket.

We do understand you’re not happy about it, and we are working diligently to make sure each issue is resolved.


What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Can’t make outgoing calls-says “person you are calling can’t accept calls at this time: moto g5- 2gb left