Outbound calls get "thank you for calling Republic Wireless" message


Hi @kimberlye.cydgbf,

Please open a ticket, as this is something our Help team will have to solve.

Please be very clear that you are hearing this recording when trying to make a call.
Please ask them to investigate to see if you are part of master ticket # 1495619.


Ok ready for any help


Hi @ralphb.vo9osc,

Have you tried a call today? Our agents replied on your ticket just before midnight (ET) last night.


I’ll give that a shot now.


Looks like it works now. Had another question if possible: when I dial 911 to report a stranded motorist, a message showing I’m not connected to Wi-Fi will appear. Wish there was a way to make that go away. Only happens with 911 calls.


Unlike everything else Republic, 911 is cell first, so i’m not surprised to hear your phone isn’t using WiFi when making 911 calls. Does the message go away once the 911 call is complete?


Can not make calls on cell network or receive calls. Get a Republic message when trying to make a call. Someone trying to call me gets a message saying I can not take calls. Wi Fi works okay.
I have submitted a ticket but have receive no response.
Two days now without service.


Please post the ticket number


Can not make calls on cell network or receive calls.
Get a Republic message when trying to make a call and call will not go through.
Someone trying to call me gets a message saying I can not take calls.
Wi Fi works okay.
I have submitted ticket #1543488 but have received no response.
Two days now without service.


Hi @mlaurenb.koaer0 your ticket from about 10:00 a.m. ET (today) is in the correct queue and a technician will be with you as quickly as possible.


Did not submit ticket until today but worked with chat representative yesterday to do restarts, update Republic app, and clear cache on the phone.
After all that, still can not make or receive calls so I submitted the ticket this morning.


We’ll have it taken care of shortly @mlaurenb.koaer0. I’m sorry the chat agent you worked with yesterday did not recognize the issue and know the correct procedure to solve, but I will make sure it gets the attention it needs. Please do not open any new chats or tickets on the matter.


Hi. same problem with our phones. it started yesterday. cant remake calls and receive calls if there is no wifi… i already submitted a ticket but its been hours and still no reply



Could you please try a call now and let me know if it is fixed?


Hi @freddym,

We are experiencing an unusually high ticket volume so our response time is a bit slower than usual. I’ll look in on your ticket in just a moment.


I switched wifi off and was able to make a call without getting the Republic message. Does this mean the problem is fixed… or is this temporary.
Also, what did you do to fix the problem and how can I avoid this in the future… I need to be able to rely on the service provided by Republic.
The chat representative told me yesterday that the problem was not systemic to Republic but was with my phone… however, based on the number of people experiencing this problem, it does not appear to be a problem with my phone, but a problem with the Republic system… Please clarify.


Hi @mlaurenb.koaer0,

We’re still in the process of investigating with our cellular partner what exactly is causing this issue for some members. Unfortunately, that investigation requires the phones to be affected - and very few people are willing to keep their service down long enough for us to get the issue investigated and resolved. We do have a couple of very kind souls who have offered to do so.

Meanwhile, by refreshing some information manually, affected person by affected person, we can clear up the issue one by one. This is much slower and we’d rather have the issue solved at the carrier level, but we’re working through these tickets as quickly as possible because we understand that you want your phone to work.

As to whether it will ever happen again, I do not have an answer, since we do not know the root cause or the eventual carrier-level solution.


What would I need to do to help you with resolving the problem?
(It’s good to know the problem is not with my phone!)


I’ve been having this problem with 2 of our phones for 2 days now. Any idea when this will get fixed?

Here is my ticket number 1543656. Do I need to submit a ticket for my wife’s phone, too?


Hi @mlaurenb.koaer0,

Since we’ve resolved the issue for your phone, there’s nothing further your example can do to help us resolve the issue at the carrier level. Thank you for your willingness to help, though. :smile_cat: