Outbound calls get "thank you for calling Republic Wireless" message


Hi @ryanl.aorkvm,

I’ll check on your ticket now. If both phones are on the same account, you do not need separate tickets. If they are on separate Republic Wireless accounts, then yes, each one would need a ticket.


They are on the same account.


Thank you, I’ll reply in your ticket in a few minutes.


my ticket number is 1543385. there are two phones connected with this ticket but i was only asked for one number so if you need the second telephone number, just let me know


@freddym, I’ve already replied on your ticket and am awaiting your response there. I don’t need the other number.


we dont have data plans


Thanks @freddym, sorry I overlooked that. I’m eagerly awaiting your next response…


it seems to be working now for both phones. thank you and will let you know if something came up again.


My issue has been fixed, I was able to make calls starting around 9:00 PM last night. The data issue I talked about in another thread is still there.


Hi @markg.i85yxg,

Please be sure to follow up on that in your ticket, then, so our technicians can take a look.


I’m not sure and I think this message that’s in a big black box blocks the screen which is very frustrating during a 911 call.


We’ve now rolled out a fix for the issue causing this calling (and in some cases, data) issue.

If you were experiencing the issue, please reboot your phone, and try a call, and let us know if it is not cleared up.