Outgoing call "physically" from landline but showing RW caller id? (like Google Voice)

My partner and I have Moto 5Plus phones (say, yyy-yyy-1234 and yyy-yyy-5678) and are quite pleased with them. We also have a personal line each (xxx-xxx-9991 and xxx-xxx-xxx-9992), currently handled by Google Voice and forwarded to our RW phones and landline.

I’d like to ditch Google Voice but don’t quite see how to replace this feature: with Google Voice, I can initiate a call from the browser on my computer, have it ring my landline (so I pick up) and then ring the called party, showing them a caller id of xxx-xxx-9991.

Is there an RW feature or a non-Google app that would give me the same capability?

There is an RW device that allows you to make calls over your home internet connection, using your Republic phone number. Here’s an FAQ I wrote on that product: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Extend Home Adapter

Republic does not have a way for you to redial from an existing landline to show your Republic Caller ID or for you to place calls from your computer.

Thanks. I’m actually looking for something that would use and require a (shudder) landline, but this may be the next best thing.

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