Outgoing emails not sent

Outgoing email messages prompt “can’t sign into email” note with lots of bell sounds and envelope icon flashing on phone screen. I had changed email password on laptop and tried to change it in Settings which did not accept it. I have a Moto X 2nd Gen phone. help plse.

I no longer have a Moto X 2nd Gen (great phone) so I can’t give you precise instructions. Generally I would do this: Go into Settings and then Apps. Find the Gmail app, force stop, and clear its data… Then see if you can set the new password as you tried before.

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billg-thank you for trying. I do not have a Gmail account, but one from my local internet provider so I use the Email app. I went into its Settings and found two options- Incoming settings which has a password line ( I changed it to my new one) and Outgoing settings where I saw only IP server and Port lines. It turns out there is a password line but it was so quickly covered by my keypad, I did not see it until now. So I changed my password here too. And now my Outgoing mail works! Thank you for your advice, reapplied to Email app.



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