Outlook tasks have started syncing when they should not

I use Google for my personal items, but at work we use Outlook. I have my Moto G4 Play set up with my Outlook account to sync my work calendar and e-mail to my phone. I have never had it sync my Outlook tasks because I specifically do not want them to appear in my phone.

About a week ago my phone started giving me alerts for my Outlook tasks. I have looked in my Accounts tab under settings and confirmed that it is still set to not sync my tasks. When I click on one of the alerts and it shows me all of my outlook tasks I even get a message saying that my “tasks are not set to sync. Click here if you would like to change this”.

Is anyone else having this problem? How can I get my Tasks to stop coming up in my phone? I really need to have my calendar, but I could stop syncing e-mail if that would help.

Again, this problem was not a problem until about a week ago. I also have a 2013 Nexus 7 synced with Outlook and it is not having this problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Go to your Calendar App

(three horizontal lines) Settings -> Events from Gmail -> Disable for the accounts that you don’t want to sync to your Calendar

Thank you so much! I did this yesterday and, with one day down, it is so far, so good. I was pulling my hair out trying to find the solution in my “Accounts” settings.

You’re welcome!

If anyone is still watching this, it turns out that the previous fix suggested by amltl has not solved this problem after all. I have confirmed in my account settings that I am set to sync email and calendar only (Contacts and Tasks are both unchecked). But my tasks are still syncing to my device. If I click on one of the tasks it takes me into what appears to be my GMail app but it is part of the app I’m not familiar with. The header at the top (next to the settings bars) says “Tasks” and it is giving me a message that says “Task sync is off. Turn on in Account settings”.

I really need to be able to view my Exchange calendar on my phone, I really DON’T want to see my tasks on my personal devices, and I use tasks a lot at work. Any other ideas of how to get my Tasks to stop syncing?

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