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My wife and I have been with Republic since 2013 and both have Moto X 1st gen. Recently my phone has stopped working with our Ford Explorer Sync in displaying text messages. There have been multiple emails from Republic with very many suggestions to correct the problem. The response has been exceptional and really appreciate the help provided. Unfortunately the problem persists and I have chosen to not do the factory reset which may resolve the issue. Both phones have worked with messages until the one that stopped. I am writing to express my appreciation for all the help provide. I hope to stay with Republic even when we need replacements. I only hope we can recover most of our settings when we need to replace the phones. Keep up the outstanding support.

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Take your car to the Ford dealer. The same thing happened on my Ford escape. The sync had lost part of the program. They fixed it in just a few minutes. My phone was the Moto X2 and 2016 escape. The charge to was nothing. Was under warranty.


Thank you for your update. First thing I did was return to the dealer. They checked the Sync3 and found no issues. After this when I was driving another Ford (2013 Mustang) I noticed that the Sync on that car also did not have the messages on my phone. My wife has the same Motorola Moto X phone and her messages are still there when I select her phone rather than mine. The Mustang also has an older version of Sync. From the messages being there on one day to being gone the next is a puzzle. No changes were made overnight to the phone. Also not sure if I would bring whatever the problem is from a backup to a new phone from Republic. Also the reason I have not done a reset and then bring back the saved backup. Something I can live with. Retired and don’t do a lot of driving. Thanks again.

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