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I will travel to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I have 1 extra slot for a SIM card on my Moto G6 play phone. Can I just install the oversea SIM card into this extra slot or I have to remove my RW SIM card and install in the same slot?

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Hi @vincentm.f4ez7o and thanks for dropping back into the Community with your question!

Your Moto G6 Play has only one SIM slot. The second slot on the tray is for a Micro SD card for increased storage. You would need to remove your Republic SIM when using local cellular service. Speaking of that Republic SIM, may we know which type it is? Here’s how to tell: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

Meanwhile, you might find this to be of interest: International Travel with a Republic Phone


It is a GSM card. How do I know whether it is locked or unlocked? I purchased directly from RW.

Any phone purchased from Republic using a GSM SIM is North American factory unlocked and may be activated with any service provider (domestic or international) willing to do so.

Republic’s word is here:

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After I swap the RW SIM card to international SIM card, do I need to reboot my phone for it to work?

In my experience you will always be prompted to restart your phone as part of the service activation process. I recommend that you prepare in advance by being at a location that has a usable cell signal as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot within range of your phone to keep from getting into a process loop. Until yesterday I was in a situation where restarting my phone at home crashed my service leaving me with a prompt to restart the phone to reactivate my service. Support provided me with a new SIM and now I can reactivate from my front porch instead if walking or driving a mile to reach an area with both cell and Wi-Fi coverage. :gift:

My recommendation, although in theory it doesn’t matter, is the power off the phone before removing and inserting a SIM. This can be important in phones that have SD cards that share the same slot as removing the SD card while the phone is active can cause issues.

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Best practice is to power down the phone, swap SIMs, then power the phone back up. While I have (usually because I forget to power my phone down first) hot swapped SIMs, there’s no guarantee doing so will work without a restart.

I see from another thread, you have a power button problem. I encourage you to follow through and open a ticket with Republic staff ASAP. If this is deemed a warranty issue, Republic can help put a replacement phone in your hands before you leave for your travels. If, for some reason, this turns out not to be covered under warranty, you’d still have time to get the power button repaired locally.

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