Overseas charges


I am in the UK on vacation and my family back in the US are concerned that their phone carriers will charge them for calls and texts that I make to them on my Republic phone from overseas. Does anyone have experience with this. thank you.


As long as they are calling you republic number will you are on WiFi there will be no extra


Hi @gilliank.lhgku4!

As long as the Republic SIM is in the phone and not an overseas SIM, they won’t be charged any extra. However, you won’t be able to send calls and texts on cellular. Republic’s phones work internationally on WiFi only for calls back to the US and Canada. You can see this guide for more information: International Travel with a Republic Phone .



Your geographical location doesn’t matter. Your call/text will be still treated as a call/text from a US number local to your area code. There will not be any additional charges because you are in the UK.


Thank you for your help.


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