Overseas SIM in MotoX Pure


I’m living in Germany and wondering: Can I replace my (American) sim card with a German one, so that I can make local calls using the sim and still call family and friends in the States on wifi?


These two items from Tips & Tricks - ♥ Member Community by @rolandh should provide what you need


I already looked through those articles and really don’t understand the specifics in my case. Thanks for trying though.


In short, yes. You would alternate between Republic service on WiFi and local German cellular service by swapping the respective SIMs in and out of your Moto X Pure. Do you know if your Republic SIM is GSM or CDMA? Though Republic offers no cellular service outside the U.S., it’s an important consideration. Here’s how to make the determination: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

If your Republic SIM is GSM, nothing further to be concerned about. If it’s CDMA, please let us know and we’ll provide further insight.


Thank you, Rolandh. That is helpful. I would quickly lose patience with swapping sims, so I’ll keep using two phones! :slight_smile:


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