Owners of Obsolete Phones

I was wondering what game plans fellow obsolete phone owners are developing for March 2022. Are you starting to shop around to see what is available to be ready to make a move before “the switch is turned off”?


I’m sad to leave my old phone, a Moto G 1st Gen- it’s worked great even though it is 8 years old. I’m taking the opportunity to switch away from Republic, it’s been a good run, but this recent Dish takeover has left a bad taste in my mouth. I can find much better pricing than $20/month elsewhere anyways.
I bit the bullet and bought a new to me phone yesterday- I went with the Google Pixel 3a. It has a headphone jack and an okay camera, so we’ll see how that goes.
Are you checking other providers out or are you sticking with Republic, David?


I’m looking around. I found a $20 plan with unlimited talk and text and 12 GB of data with US Mobile. I am also looking at Mint. Mint has some good data plans, especially if you pay for 1 year at a time.


US Mobile looks pretty nice, I like the look of their 14 day trial and free SIM card- you could try it out with no commitment. Just don’t use more than a GB of data it looks. Mint doesn’t look bad either, especially if you like to use data.
I’m personally a cheapskate and also don’t care about data, so I’m going to try Tello’s 100 minutes, unlimited text, and no data plan for $5.


Well, if 100 minutes works for you, then go for it. The unlimited text helps. I don’t have data now with the old $10 plan, but that $20 plan from US Mobile is tempting. There are times when I could have used cellular data but didn’t have it.

If I stay with Republic, I will be paying $15 just to keep my current level of service. $20 will only get me 1 GB of data. With these current Republic choices, there is really no reason to stay.


The thing that sold me on Tello is that I can upgrade my minutes anytime I need to with no additional fees. If I constantly bump up against the 100min cap, I could up my plan to $8 a month for unlimited minutes as well as texts. I just hope their coverage is okay.
I agree, RW is no longer competitive. They are hurting themselves by limiting everyone’s options to three plans without much value. I feel RW will lose many customers over these new plans.


The T-Mobile/Sprint merger and then the Dish/Republic Wireless merger has created an atmosphere of uncertainty. I probably would have stuck around to see how things would shake out, but my personal situation with the obsolete phone is forcing my hand to act soon.


Same story with me. I am a creature of habit- I would have paid for my old 2.0 plan for a long time to come if I could. Oh well. I hope everything works out for you, wherever you end up.

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Thanks for your replies. Good luck to you too.


I’m in the same boat. Have an older phone that has done me well, but it’s on the 2.0 3G plan with Sprint. It’s not at all clear on the Republic site if the 3.0 or 4.0 plans are still available. On a call today with RW, I was told 5.0 with a new 5G compatible phone on AT&T is it.

I also have a 4G phone with Consumers on AT&T and they (AT&T) are restricting Internet service to where it’s unusable, I’m guessing to force folks to buy a new phone sooner rather than later. As a business owner, that has sent me looking for a non-AT&T option. Consumers has a T-Mobile option which may be the way to go.

Sad to leave the RW community as well. It was a fun ride, but I think this ship has sailed. With consolidation by all the low interest private equity money floating out there, these buy-ups will leave a lot fewer creative options in the future.

I’m keeping my 3G phone on RW until the day they turn it off, as Sprint/T-Mobile continues to be the last to turn off the older network.

Wishing the best to all the engineers and others who made this RW experiment happen.

BTW, was the meaning of the subject title “Owners of Obsolete Phones” or “Phones used by Obsolete Owners”? LoL


“BTW, was the meaning of the subject title “Owners of Obsolete Phones” or “Phones used by Obsolete Owners”? LoL”

Maybe a little bit of both :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m on the old 1.0 plan with a Moto X at $10 per month. It’s actually past time to get a new phone because my Android system is no longer supported. I would need to go to the $15 plan with a new phone to retain the same level of service. Since I need a new phone and a new plan, I am shopping “outside the box” with other carriers to consider other options.


Has anyone had any experience with the Motorola One Ace? Many carriers offer this phone and it seems to have some nice features like fast charging, at least 4 GB of RAM, and a camera with enhanced low light photo capturing abilities. The price seems to hover around $300.

I’ve got 2 obsolete phones (Moto X Gen 1’s: one on 1.0 plan, one on 2.0 plan both on CDMA). Also daughter has a My Choice plan with a Moto X Gen 4 on GSM.

My plan was get a new Samsung Galaxy A32 G5, try out coverage of new network, and see if it will meet our needs, so far so good. 5G at home, on travels so far never has less than 2 bars LTE every time we checked, 5G was normal in major cities. So far testing is going extremely well. Once problems are sorted with RW activations for transferring current customers, I will cancel the test line plan, and erase the phone, and then get a new plan to activate our new plans and get one more phone.

Now I have new concerns: I have to carry a line from work(I-phone on Verizon), and I have my RW phone always forwarded to that line via RW app. I also use Republic Anywhere for receiving my RW texts.

Is it still possible to fwd all calls without RW app? Does Google Messenger really work will with 5.0 plans? I hope so. There used to be a free service to port out a line, but I really want to have a real non-work phone and plan to use on weekends if I’m unavailable for work, like on Vacations, holidays, or personal leave, etc

Yes, it can be done from the phone app.

Messages by Google works with 5.0 as well as it does with My Choice or any alternative service provider. Third party options (Pulse, Textra, etc.) are available as well.

RingTo? Anyway, the reality is unless one is Google free is not a sustainable business model.

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What happens in March 2022?
I’m finding this whole change of business impossible to keep track of.


T-Mobile intends to shut down the legacy Sprint 2G/3G network. When then happens any phones that rely on that network will stop working. In the case of Republic that’s the Beta/1.0/2.0 Phones (Moto Defy, X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 and E2). Assuming the date looks like it is going to stick, I would expect communication to impacted customers early in the New Year (from Republic).

This has nothing at all to do with any change on Republic’s part.

I tried Tello for a new-to-me phone number. The number of unsolicited (and unwanted) texts and calls I received was unbearable. I had to wonder if the last owner of the assigned phone number used it on a burner phone for financial scams.

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That’s just a luck-of-the-draw situation. Every MVNO pulls from a pool of numbers owned by their carrier partner. Most all of these numbers will have been previously assigned to someone.


Thanks for the heads up; I do agree with @cbwahlstrom on this one. Not to mention, I’m planning to port my old number from Republic out, so I won’t have to worry about any new number woes.

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'Bought one a few months ago, so I’m stuck with the My Choice plan. It already does 5G, so at least I will continue to have that. 'Got no complaints about the phone and how it works. 'Have dropped it a few times on hard surfaces and had no negative consequences. I got the RW rubber case on it.