Owners of Obsolete Phones

I’m surprised RW Anywhere still works. RW told me approximately 3 years ago they would not be supporting that app anymore & I should move to Google Messenger.

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I’ve never used Anywhere on my phone, but I do use it on my PC where it works flawlessly.

Republic stopped developing Anywhere but left it out there. If a customer runs in to an issue, then the customer is instructed to stop using it and move to Messages. Anywhere is not available on the new 5.0 plans and I suspect at some point Republic will kill it for real even on the 4.0 plans, but that’s just speculation.

I’m going to mint. Pay $240 total for a year of unlimited phone, text and 10 gbs a month of data. Got the Pixel 5a. Time to give up my OG Moto X.

I suggest taking advantage of Mint’s 7 day trial offer first. Mint’s coverage is different from that on your Moto X 1st Generation model. Different doesn’t mean worse but I would want to know coverage is adequate before paying $240 for a year’s service up front. After 7 days, Mint does not offer a refund.

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Boost has unlimited calls, texts, and 15 GB/month of data for $240/year. There’s no way I would pay anyone a year in advance, but some are obviously willing to take the risk.

Been using it since August, just waited to see if there was going to be anything good happening here. Not seeing anything inspiring so

I paid by the month for a while but it saves $60 a year so why not

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I tried boost and it worked fine, they didn’t have the $15 plan when I was there. Maybe I’ll try them next year. Edit: Just checked boost, they want $35/mo for the 10 gb plan, FYI

Boost plans are a lot like “find the queen”… Mint plan pricing has been lot more stable…there’s still new customer promos…but the ongoing pricing has been stable for several months.

They have two sets of plans…on the Extended Network (Tmobile in Boost Speak) you get the one that you quoted.
on the Transformed Network (AT&T in Boost speak) you get what @cbwahlstrom noted above. You will see those plans if you follow the link for 1 full year for 100 on the main page
or go directly and replace www with my on their website.


I went with Mint mobile annual plan. In my area the cell service is very good and have not run out of data yet for past 4 months. All else is usually over WiFi. Friends and family tell me the voice connection is very clear. No major problems with text messaging; other than Google Messages chat features not working; but Google chat features sometimes work and sometime do not connect. Go figure???

Since I am a Spectrum internet customer I finally decided to go with their $14/mo mobile (includes taxes and fees). We don’t have cell data with our 1.0 plan and Spectrum is less expensive than the similar RW plan for the first 1GB of 5G data. The only problem is if we need more than 1G it gets expensive at $14/GB but we’ll cross that bridge if it ever becomes an issue. Like the RW 1.0 plan phone, text and WiFi data are unlimited. Spectrum has a large footprint with their WiFi hot spots in my area meaning I will be able to use WiFi more than I can with my current plan. In the end we will pretty much have the same type of phone plan we’ve always had for a couple of bucks more per month.

One question: Why would you use WiFi more now than before? Didn’t you have the same option to use Spectrum hotspots with your Republic Wireless phones? I’m an Xfinity customer, and I use their WiFi hotspots with any phone provider I choose.

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You have to be a Spectrum internet or mobile customer to have access to their WiFi hotspot network which shouldn’t be confused with open public hotspot you might find in a restaurant other other business. The Spectrum WiFi network essentially piggybacks onto company owned wireless routers that are in customer locations and authenticates through the users internet account.

I am going to Tello and paying about the same… $6/month. I don’t use a phone much. I want to thank Republic for the great service these past eight years. Tello wants my Republic account and a porting pin. Good luck Republic ~ Bill